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Our tech-savvy friend came over again tonight... just for dinner & Game of Thrones this time ~ wouldn't want him to think we only appreciate him for his cyber-talents

And in fact we don't. He's a wonderful guy & great fun to be around... if only he'd learn that while it's all very well to be able to go from 0 ~ 100 there are a lot of interesting numbers between those two that it's nice to slow down & savour. Be Here... Now

In the desperate search for other news ~ I think I'm falling out of love with a favourite author after about a dozen books. Her formula was once charming, then comfortably familiar, but lately boring. I think this latest one will be my last & a 2nd-Hand book store or stall will be my collection's next stop

Everybody has one good book in them ~ as the saying goes. Over twelve is pushing it. Or scraping it... whichever way you prefer your barrel metaphor
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Thanks to the Banned Names List for today's header...

I spent most of today helping a friend, who recently had a fairly serious motorbike accident on the Great Ocean Rd, get around to some appointments & chores. Given that he has broken bones in both his feet, he's on crutches... Add to that, he has a couple of broken ribs, so the crutches are painful to use. The result is slow going & swearing. It hurts me to see him like this ~ god only knows how much it hurts him!

My question of the day:~ Why would an Orthopaedic Surgeon have consulting rooms on the 2nd floor of a building in the middle of a mall that's closed to traffic??!!??

... And my friend asked the same question. Twice. Once on the way up... & again on the way down. With more swear words than me...

I'm taking him to his CT scan on Friday at a north shore hospital notorious for parking. I'll probably leave him at the front door then search the surrounding suburb(s) for a space... or offer someone $20 to use their driveway for an hour


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