Mar. 8th, 2017

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It's 4.30pm & a fair bet that I won't leave the house today. I call this quite an achievement

Whenever I'm Wednesday-deep in my working week, I'm always thinking how good it would be to have a day doing nothing. Somehow, it never happens. As my Journal title says - 'There's always something about to happen' & it takes precedence, usually by necessity, over doing nothing

Not today. Having seen Long-Suffering Partner off to work at about 7.30 this morning, I've worked on some photos, listened to a lot of music, fed the butcherbirds a couple of times, read some more of 'Raising Steam', one of the last Discworld novels by the late, much-lamented Terry Pratchett, had a couple of coffees, grazed a little on whatever's in the cupboards or fridge that looked appetising... & have now poured a decent shot of Glen Morangie. Soon, my lamb korma will be defrosted enough to call it dinner & I'll find a DVD to keep me entertained enough 'til bedtime... whenever that will be

Before you paint me as an utter sloth, I have repaired (hopefully) a kitchen cupboard that needed attention & done a couple of little household chores as they presented themselves & I will remember to take the bins out tonight!!


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