Feb. 28th, 2017

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I've spent a fair portion of today, my Saturday, at what looks increasingly like my next/new job

A few hours getting to know the Boss, getting to know the product range, getting to hear about plans for a new showroom significantly closer to my home... though any talk of business expansion fills me with, at best, disbelief, at worst, cynicism & a desire to look at employment websites

Haven't resigned from my current job yet, but should probably do that sometime this week. Haven't signed a contract or anything for the new job yet, but will probably do that this week too

And yet...

Can't help feeling a little disquiet & uncertainty about this. It's a small business operation that I'd never heard of before during my years in the industry. This can be a good thing - meaning that they have an effectively managed & budgeted niche in the market & are happy to more or less stay there - give or take the occasional foray into a new area. This can be a bad thing - they're pretty much piggy-backing on a successful venture & location run by an associate in a related industry, using a section of the showroom for limited display of the product range & if they have a bad month, quarter... year, they are subsidised by the associate's income from the same location - so who knows how they're really faring financially?

Strange how, as I get older & understand more about economics & its pitfalls & how that can affect both a business & my Resumé, I have become more inclined to take these sorts of risks than I was 20-30 years ago, when I really had much less to worry about than I do now. I stayed in jobs I shouldn't have, for the security. I didn't take opportunities I should have, because of uncertainty... & security. Youth is, occasionally, wasted on the young


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