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Goodbye Harry Dean...

Character actor... scene stealer in so many films - Alien, The Avengers, Christine... but he'll always be Travis for me

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A little something to make you feel better, the next time things go wrong at work...

Now go out there & fuck things up, safe in the knowledge that it's highly unlikely you'll ever make a mistake that costs as much as even one of these mishaps...
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Reading the Sydney Morning Herald this morning, I saw an intriguing article title - I ignored Trump news for a week - here's what I learned. Apart from learning that the orange-wigged, tiny-handed CiC has pretty much taken over both professional & social media, blanket coverage of his every (mis)step has obscured some important events... & some interesting discoveries

Like this story. Scientists have confirmed the existence of an underwater continent just off the coast of Australia - the highest points of which, we call New Zealand. At its closest 'Zealandia' is just 25 kilometres from the Australian mainland, putting it well within our territorial waters...

So we can feel justified about our insistence on claiming New Zealand actors & musicians as our own. Step forward, new Australians Russell Crowe, Sam Neill, Lorde Jenny Morris, Bic Runga, Keith Urban, John Clarke, Flight of the Conchords & great bands like Dragon, Split Enz, Crowded House, Mi-Sex & the late, great (damn you 2016!!!) Ray Columbus & the Invaders

And many more, but that's enough Youtube for one day... Have a photo

Sunset Climb

Sunset in the Red Hills, above St George, Utah
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... It's not a question

Ho Ho Holy shit!!!!
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Who wrote this stuff??!!

Neil Gaiman did...!!

We went to see him last night, as part of the Sydney writers Festival. He read extracts from his latest book & performed pieces with the criminally under-rated string quartet Fourplay

A wonderful writer, a captivating reader & he even sings... kind of...

For Joe...

Dec. 26th, 2014 10:06 am
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For those who've wondered what A Little Help From My Friends is really about...

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An evening with the Kransky Sisters at the Seymour Centre. First time we've seen them in a couple of years... & nice to catch up with them (still in character) after the show

It helps if you turn up dressed like them... like we did
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I probably won't be the only person on LiveJournal to post about the death of Chrissie Amphlett

One of the two most dangerous gigs I've ever attended was a Divinyls show at the old Dee Why Hotel... the crowd was well oiled & there was an air of barely-restrained violence in the place ~ something that she seemed to notice too & both encouraged & fed off it for her performance. The bouncers were kept busy that night

My strangest encounter with her was in the mid-Eighties, when I was a Teller for Westpac Bank in Manly & she came in one day to cash a cheque. At the time it was known in music circles that she & the guitarist from Divinyls were shacked up in Manly & deep into heroin, so it wasn't a stretch to guess what the money would be used for. I tried carefully to explain that she'd have to deposit the cheque into her account, then wait a few days for it to clear before she could draw on the funds. That's when I got this look from her that plainly said "I'm going ballistic in 5... 4... 3..." So I hurriedly added that on this occasion I was sure I could make an exception, stamped the cheque & handed over the cash, more prepared to face a dressing-down from the Bank Manager than be on the receiving end of that pocket rocket

Look out Heaven... Here comes a Wild One!!

Oh Wow...

Mar. 30th, 2013 09:22 am
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I have a new favourite Band

They're from Estonia... They're called WINNY PUHH

And they're bonkers. Bonkers enough to appear on 'Estonia's Got Talent'... or whatever the Estonian equivalent is... & just... well, do this:~

Thanks to the Sydney Morning Herald for keeping me ahead of the curve


Mar. 26th, 2013 10:46 pm
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A long day at work... started a bit early, finished rather late. Still, it was Payday, so at least I can feel like I earned it

And now... Welsh SatNav:~

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A rainy day...& a quiet evening at home

Sorry... I'm trying to find something exciting for today, but... well... that's it really

Ummm... Here ~ have a video to watch instead

As seen on a rainy night in Atlantic City last year... We couldn't stop laughing for 15 minutes
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You absolutely, positively, definitely have to read this article & watch the video...

It's all there... human tragedy, slapstick humour, cynicism, car chases, car crashes, violence, human failings & frailty... & meteorites!!!!!!!!!

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Not much to report today, so here's where I get my Username from:~

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Feel like a flight over Manhattan... or Paris... or Niagara Falls, but time, money & the tyranny of distance are hard to overcome?

Well, strap yourselves in & away you go...

Dinner & karaoke tonight... what a strange week it's been
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For my Reader... some news over the last month or so you might have missed

The Loved One & I were married on 10.11.12 ~ just so the date was easy to remember. Simple civil ceremony, minimum family attendants, no friends, less-than-desirable location, but that's another story. Family dinner, then drinks with some friends the following day. Two days in Mudgee as a mini 'Honeymoon'... pretty much all we felt like after the USA trip

Kindasorta employed as a Sales Manager for a business telecommunications company. Odd sequence of events ~ a couple of stilted interviews, a few sheets of product information, then a week of cold-calling while the telemarketing team is assembled & their script is written (with a little input from me), then meeting some of my sales reps today & training them, when I'm only fractionally ahead of them in product knowledge. As long as I stay that way, it should be fine, right?. Employment contract to be signed this Friday, then three unpaid weeks off over Christmas/New Year

Which I may spend working in a bottle shop, after encountering a former workmate in CBD Cellars today. Whether I'd end up bringing home any money from that job is an interesting question

And now... please take five to remember Dave Brubeck... he will be missed

Winter Sunset II
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Farewell Clive Dunn... best known for playing Corporal Jones in Dad's Army

That must be all of them now... Shame
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North Korean style...

What's next Kim... buried up to the neck in a pit of scorpions? What's wrong with the good old shark trapdoor?
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Thanks (??) to a Spicks & Specks rerun on ABC2 for alerting me to this (justifiably?) lost Classic (?)


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