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mmmmfff... Good Morning

In an event that's surely rarer than a blue moon these days, I have 2 days off in a row. What's more, my weekend actually lines up with the 'real' weekend. In the world of Sales, this never happens...

The last 4-6 weeks have been 6 day marathons, including one week that went for 10 days. We've been moving premises, with all the usual angst that goes with it - breakdown of relationships & communication with former colleagues, trying to schedule electrical work with floor preparation, painters, organising new signage, dealing with the local council & their regulations & required certificates, designers, consultants, building managers, property managers, project managers... it seems anyone can call themselves a 'manager' these days, if they have a small office & a big attitude

In the middle of all that, we managed to back our removal truck into a protruding fire sprinkler, causing flooding of 3 levels of car park - but that was mostly because the building 'manager' didn't know where the shut-off valve was, so the water continued gushing for 45 minutes... after its initial burst that covered me in less-than-pristine cold water. The incident is in dispute, as there was no height warning, no labelling or protection around the sprinkler & no adequate drainage for the resulting river

Despite all that, we've managed to set up, open the doors & even start making money... with no desk or counter, incomplete lighting, dust everywhere & electrical wiring still sticking out of places where power points should be. Sshh - don't tell the Council !!

Long-Suffering Partner & I are undecided about our weekend. There are so many things we could go out & do together - people to go, places to see. Or we could enjoy a couple of quiet, lazy days together

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Night Flares

I don't really have a thousand words worth reporting...

Speaking with a friend on Tuesday & my honest answer to "What's been happening?" was "Not much - work, eat, sleep..." Not necessarily in equal proportions, of course... I'm not working much

But seriously - I AM working quite a bit, though not as many hours as L-SP. Trying to eat less... even trying to sleep less, but the encroaching Winter & darkness at 6.30am don't encourage early rises. Thank goodness for my Butcherbirds alarm clock

Speaking of which... I can hear them calling now
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Here's a thing...

A couple of weeks ago, I had an e-mail notification from LinkedIn - yes, some of us are actually on that thing, but that's another story... telling me that a former employer of mine had taken a look at my profile. For reasons which will become clearer, I was curious, so clicked on his page, which mentioned prominently that his company was looking for new staff

Some background: In early 2013, recently returned from an overseas holiday & unemployed, I landed a job with the flooring company headed by this guy & his brother. It was a family company - Dad still worked in one of the branches, having started the whole thing in the late 70s/early 80s, Mum still did whatever it was she did... mostly keeping Dad & the boys in line, I suspect, with a fair amount of book-keeping thrown in. Anyway, they had both a residential & commercial division & seemed to be doing well. I'd never sold flooring before, but was a quick learner & was soon doing okay... I thought. 18 months later, they closed my branch &, despite having previously been assured of another role within the company, I was out on my ear. Not happy, but at least I was soon snapped up by another flooring company & so on & tedious etcetera

Last year, while road-tripping in the USA desert, we got word that the company was "under administration", a polite way of saying they were circling the drain. Long-suffering Partner & I made some suitably pithy remarks about karma, then continued on our sandy way, not giving it much more thought

And that was that. I'd noticed, driving past their original Showroom in Sydney's affluent eastern suburbs, that a differently-named flooring concern now occupied the site, but still didn't think much about it. I also knew, via LinkedIn again, that their long-time main salesman had left them for a job in real estate. Care factor - not very much...

Until this past fortnight, when not only was my old boss cyber-stalking me, but then he called, wondering if I'd "like to have a chat". I was at work at the time, still somewhat surprised by all this, so agreed to meet in a few days - today. Given the way things turned out last time I worked with him I told my current Employer about the call & embellished it with a potted history similar to that above, albeit with some more colourful language. I stressed that I was perfectly happy where I am & had no intention of going back there, unless/even if they made the offer of the century

After today's meeting, I still feel pretty much the same way. He quickly explained away the financial difficulties of last year, blaming over-extension & some partner companies going under, leaving him holding a hot potato he couldn't trade his way out of. The family lost the commercial business, but managed to keep the residential side &, radically downsized, are concentrating on that. But his tone & pitch were still that of an ambitious man, looking to grow the business again as soon as possible, using words like "hungry", "driven", "focussed"... all of which are code words for 'Forget about your wife, your social life & evening meals - you will work for us now... all the time!!' & are, usually, my cue to thank someone for their time & GTFO of there. Combined with the monthly sales target figure he nominated... & the fact that, for the 90 minutes I was there, the phone only rang once & nobody came into the Showroom, it all adds up to a big, stressful pie in the sky, that would dance frustratingly out of reach every time I got close enough to even think about getting a slice of it

So, on the whole... No, I don't think so

I'm not sure I've really forgiven them for reneging on their promise to keep me on board after they shut down my showroom - even though, if they had, it would only have been a leap into another frying pan, relatively shortly before the whole thing tipped into the fire anyway... but it's the principle dammit!! That, & the fact that the years since then have been filled with a roller-coaster of unsatisfactory short-term roles... Even though that's not necessarily their fault, they precipitated the ensuing avalanche I still bear a lot of bruises from

As I said to my current employer, when telling him of all this - What kind of stupid rat swims towards a sinking ship??
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Yesterday was my last day at my now 'old' job, which I'd only been at for 8 months, so not exactly 'old' in that sense... This time though, I actually resigned, instead of being "made redundant" or being "let go". I'd forgotten what choosing to leave a company is like & had to think for a while about how to write a resignation letter & whether you should be completely honest & unedited about your reason(s) for leaving, or politely & professionally vague - in case you need a good reference some day

This is all because I was kindasorta head-hunted for a new role with a company in the same field, doing much the same work, but with two major bonus points - about 1/3 more salary & I get my weekends back - mostly. So it's goodbye to the 7 Day Trading at basic retail award wage & hello (again) to being paid what my skills are worth & a relatively normal social schedule, which Long-Suffering Partner has already started filling up with overdue lunches, dinners, catch-ups etc... We call it 'spinning the plates' - getting around to as many friendships as we can, to keep them spinning on their poles & not come crashing to earth. We do think of you all as fine china plates, not plastic disposables or Corel unbreakables. Royal Doulton at the very least... Look out for a call or text soon, once I know what I'll be doing & when

And to my former colleagues - some more than others...

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I like to be here, when I can

My weekend has finally arrived, after a pretty busy &, at times, interminable working week

Weirdos, Wackos, Written Warnings, Weddings... & probably other things that start with 'W' that I'm too tired to think of right now... I've had them all. But now, there's a scotch on the computer desk, a takeaway curry in the kitchen & the latest Pink Floyd album on the sound-system. When the Floyd are stratospherically cruising in 6/8 time, there can't be too much wrong with the world

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The insomnia post...

How much the insomnia is down to the recent radical downsizing of my alcohol consumption is up for debate against the overactive & unstoppable train of thought regarding an incident at work today that rankled, then annoyed, then infuriated, then... kept me awake. Probably

Not to go into too much detail, let's just say double standards are always annoying, especially when they're presented & perpetuated by a Superior whose age is less than half of mine.

The next station the train of thought rolls into is one first added to the route about a week ago, following a conversation with Long-Suffering Partner, itself prompted by my failure to act or speak up when some total stranger had pushed their way past/over/through us on the street. I realised that the problem with working in Sales my whole life means that I'm incapable of being assertively honest to 99% of people when they do things that annoy me. As a salesperson, you're expected to treat the client as untouchable - no matter how unpleasant they are to deal with & any rudeness or 'bad' behaviour just has to be tolerated because we want to get their money. Trouble is... when you've been doing that for long enough, you start to treat everyone that way... all the time. So the guy who pushes in front of you in the queue, or the pram-pusher who bruises your shins, or even just the belligerent idiot who shouts "Whaddayoulookinat?!?", they don't get the response they richly deserve - you just smile politely & assure them there's no problem, when there really, really is & you're silently screaming inside that they should go & verb their adjective noun right adjectivally now!!

Which brings me back to the incident at work today too... It's quite the achievement to shut down tens of thousands of years worth of evolved male aggression & render me no more threatening than a basset hound

Long-Suffering Partner likes to joke that she's responsible for most of the grey hairs I've sprouted, but I think it's more likely down to simple stress - the feeling you get when the mind overrides the body's desire to kick the living shit out of some truckbit who thoroughly deserves it

I wonder if I'm too old to take up kick-boxing... target shooting... archery??
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No, wait... it's only Sunday!?!

Damn 7-day trading, it plays merry hell with the internal calendar

Not a busy day, but somehow tiring. Feeling a bit lethargic tonight. So, here... have a photo

When your lawn-mower breaks down, who you gonna call??!?

Extreme Towing
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Wow... I haven't worked on a Thursday night since... about 2002 I think

And this one was just as pointless as they were back in the day. For 4 hours after 5pm, I did nothing but get sore feet & a sore back standing around the showroom (I don't have a desk yet), waiting for someone or something to happen. People shop for food or clothes on Thursday nights, they don't shop for the kind of products I sell. In fact, you could just about shut down during December, as it's not the kind of thing that one finds under the Christmas Tree on the big day

Unless it's literally under the tree - I do sell flooring after all. But still, it just doesn't happen

In the meantime, I know de agony of de feet


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