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Godabbit... I hade habbing a code. Ezbeshly a hedd code. Id stubs me ub ad all I wad do do iz sleeb

Trouble is, it's a busy week at work & I can't. What a hero... Before you lecture me about spreading my infectious misery, I've been working mostly alone the last few days, so the only things I've possibly infected are carpet & timber samples

A day off today - scheduled, not a sick day, but fortuitously timed, as it's been the day where the stuffed headedness has reached its zenith... I hope. That way, it's all downhill from here. Or at least, a lot of coughing & the return of my sexy, deep-voice Barry White impression as the sore throat kicks in & my vocal register plummets 2 octaves Brigg id on!!

Even the cats aren't sure what to make of this shuffling, sniffling shambles...

Cat In The Box
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Today being my Saturday, I thought I'd download the photos from last week's 2 day roadtrip around the New South Wales south coast & Illawarra regions

So, plugged the camera in via USB as I've done for years &... nothing. The new PC doesn't recognise that anything is plugged in. A web search led me to get a downloadable upgrade package from Canon that should fix the problem. This downloaded as a .fir file, which my PC couldn't/wouldn't open. Another web search led me to about 7 useless sites that said I could use their product to open the file, but after many downloads, installations & attempts, none of them did. Tried WinZip... no joy. Yet another web search turned up no way of getting the files in an unzipped or different file format. FFS!! not another web search, yielded another possible product but my anti-virus software blocked it. Then another product that took 30 minutes to download to 99%, sat at that level for another 30 minutes before I uninstalled & tried again

In the meantime, I've washed up, cleaned the kitchen, dry-shampooed the living room carpet (don't ask!!), done a load of washing & hung it outside, swept the floors, taken out the rubbish & recycling... the usual domesticities

If I have to do another f@#king websearch...!!, found another site that looked promising. Download again took quite a while & once installed, it transpires that I need to register with the company in order to get a code for a trial version. By this stage, I'd give my hypothetical first-born to the first god that demanded it, so I'm now waiting for the code to arrive by e-mail

All this began at about 8am. It's now 4.30 in the afternoon & ask me how many photos I've downloaded today... Go on... ask!

How do I feel right now?

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It's 4.30pm & a fair bet that I won't leave the house today. I call this quite an achievement

Whenever I'm Wednesday-deep in my working week, I'm always thinking how good it would be to have a day doing nothing. Somehow, it never happens. As my Journal title says - 'There's always something about to happen' & it takes precedence, usually by necessity, over doing nothing

Not today. Having seen Long-Suffering Partner off to work at about 7.30 this morning, I've worked on some photos, listened to a lot of music, fed the butcherbirds a couple of times, read some more of 'Raising Steam', one of the last Discworld novels by the late, much-lamented Terry Pratchett, had a couple of coffees, grazed a little on whatever's in the cupboards or fridge that looked appetising... & have now poured a decent shot of Glen Morangie. Soon, my lamb korma will be defrosted enough to call it dinner & I'll find a DVD to keep me entertained enough 'til bedtime... whenever that will be

Before you paint me as an utter sloth, I have repaired (hopefully) a kitchen cupboard that needed attention & done a couple of little household chores as they presented themselves & I will remember to take the bins out tonight!!


Merced River
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3 days at work, then 2 days off... I could end up liking this new role

A quiet day... watching a little cricket, talking to a few friends & colleagues, watching a little more cricket, meeting L-SP at the local MegaMall for a little Christmas shopping, then home for a bit more cricket, dinner & Gotham

And there's still tomorrow. What shall I do?
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Been busy lately...

To categorise:~

Work ~ The curse of the Retail Downturn very nearly struck again about a month ago, with me being called into head office & told that my branch/showroom was being closed down & my position made redundant. Frequent Readers will know that this is a recurring theme in my professional life & this actually makes 3 in a row. The difference this time is that I came out of the meeting with a new role, a kind of pay-rise & a secured future... for the time being.

How... you may well ask?? Well, if a 25-year veteran salesman can't sell himself... When my Showroom closes, I will take up a Marketing/Servicing/General Dogsbody role that will see me more on the road & less in any one location - in fact, they haven't even promised me a desk at Head Office, just that they will find room for me somewhere. Why? To cut a long story short ("Too late!!"), because I told them that there are lots of other things I can do, lots of other skills I have that they may find useful... & they agreed

Home ~ So, with my immediate future secured, it was time to think about re-doing the floors at WaitingManor, while I still had access to staff pricing for carpets & tiles. Cue lots of swatches, samples & fragments being laid on our existing (red) carpet to see what colours would both match & transform a space that has been dominated by 40yr old decor since I moved in, following the death of my grandparents. Could L-SP & I afford it? Well, kind of... & given there's never a 'perfect' time to do these things, we jumped in feet-first, chose a carpet & tile combination that wouldn't break the bank irrevocably, then I secured supply & installation deals through work & the grand adventure began with moving furniture out into the garage ~ some of which hadn't been moved in quite some time. Thank god for friends & their loaned muscle. Once the rooms were cleared, it became clear that other things needed doing as well, including replacing the curtains, which L-SP decided to wash, then reported they'd virtually disintegrated after the layers of dust (which were obviously the only things holding them together) were removed. So, 2 quotes for blinds were obtained & the 2014 New Zealand Holiday fund took a further hit. And let's not even start thinking about re-painting the entire inside of the 'Manor, okay. Not just yet... though it will need to be done.

With carpet & tiles installed, the slow process of re-patriating our combined bits, pieces, trinkets, collectables & general stuff has begun ~ with the avowed intent of cutting down on the sheer amount of dust-gathering CRAP we seem to have accumulated

Damages over the transition period have been minor ~ a computer monitor, the old curtains, some termite-infested skirting boards (don't ask) & some kind of strain/nerve thing to my right shoulder & neck. The carpet had been laid for only about an hour before a magpie managed to defecate on it (Again... don't ask) & the tiles managed about 36 hours before we put some scratches in them while moving the 'fridge back into the kitchen. So all's gone reasonably well... considering

If we ever move, I'm definitely paying top dollar for professional removalists...
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ANZAC Day... Arguably the most important Public Holiday in Australia, but I won't argue

A slow day at the 'Manor, as neither of us really had anything to do or anywhere to be. So a leisurely breakfast at home & a few beers at the local RSL Club with my Father & a few hundred others, before what's shaping up to be an early night...

Lest We Forget


Apr. 7th, 2013 09:54 pm
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I now have a monitor so large you can see it from the moon

Okay, maybe not that large, but pretty big ~ it barely fits into the space on my desk, which was bought back in the days when monitors were still CRTs, deeper than they were wide. I've had to turn down the brightness on this new screen, as it was giving me a headache & blinding the possums & Tawny Frogmouths out in the back yard

It's great for editing photos though... & a sound investment for someone whose eyesight can only get worse, given I crossed the border into Reading Glasses territory last year

So... just because it will look great on my mini IMAX screen:~

Misty Monuments
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Blaarrgghh... had about an hour's sleep last night ~ couldn't switch the brain off & vague internal plumbing issues kept me on the wrong side of Oblivion. More of the same at work, lifting, shifting etc... Nice to finally come home, cook a favourite simple meal, watch some quality TV (mostly) & call it an early night in the hope of re-setting the errant body-clock

It's an early night


Mar. 25th, 2013 10:01 pm
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Well, what did you expect for a Monday? Excitement... Mmhh? Adventure? Hah... A Reader craves not these things!!
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A hot day... the last gasp of Summer reaching into Autumn. Fine ~ now bugger off until November at least!!!

A wander around one of our new favourite Markets on the other side of town, then home for a domestic afternoon, before a dinner based around the morning's shopping & catching up on some of our preferred TV series

Now bed, book... zzzzz
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So ~ not the rainy day that was forecast, but quite a windy one... with a southerly banging on the doors & windows & howling for most of the day, including now. Could have gone away with decent weather after all

Ah well, a weekend in hasn't hurt anything or anyone. Breakfast at the local café, then a wander through the recently-opened hardware megastore for a new showerhead. This seemingly simple task was complicated by none of the new designs being compatible with the plumbing in WaitingManor, so an adaptor for the actual water pipe was needed before any discussion of what kind of showerhead we wanted this time. We settled on one that has a hand-held nozzle that, fingers crossed, fits quite securely into a holder for those of us who don't need to wave our water about. For my second piece of DIY plumbing, there were more components & tools needed, but less time & significantly less swearing than last time. The Loved One has just had a shower & reports that it works well & hasn't fallen off the wall, so all going well it will still be working when I have a shower tomorrow morning

My second attempt at a laksa tonight... still a few refinements & wrinkles to work out, but edible at the least. Watched the grand final of MasterChef Professionals & was surprised, if a little heartened by the perceived Underdog's victory. If he could win that contest, I can certainly perfect a laksa...
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So much for our plan to go away for a couple of days this weekend. The forecast said rain, then a bit sunny, then rain again for the rest of the weekend, so we decided to stay home...

... in the glorious sunshiney Saturday (@#$%&!!). I even volunteered to go into work for a few hours because I thought it would be a crappy day (@#$%&!!). Ah well, the bank account could use the break I suppose & there's always stuff to do around the place. Might even get some guitar playing in tomorrow. And both my camera batteries need recharging ~ a bit like their owner

Now to allow lethargy to take the controls...
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Played guitar at home today, for no real reason except I wanted to... Been a while since that happened

Otherwise, a fairly normal Sunday ~ breakfast at the new-ish local, followed by shopping for various essentials & comestibles, then home for a bit of domestic duty, then a little photo-work & aforementioned guitaring, then kitchen duty, followed by dinner accompanied by The Walking Dead & Justified. Are we, as a modern society, becoming so callused & blasé towards horror & violence that we can sit & eat dinner comfortably while watching those activites without so much as a gag reflex?

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Playing around with carpet samples this evening... kindasorta starting to think about maybe dreaming of a vague plan to, one day in the future, definitely consider the possibility of preparing an open-ended strategy for potential implementation, in due course, of hypothetical steps towards the forming of an idea geared towards eventually getting new carpet throughout WaitingManor... Sometime

Or not

A couple of the mat-sized samples do feel rather luxurious when stood on in bare feet... Mmmmm

One of only two nights in this week. Coming up ~ Dinners, a show, trivia quiz & an acoustic session optimistically being referred to as a rehearsal. Must dust off the Matron

Samedi Gras

Mar. 2nd, 2013 11:27 pm
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A wild, wet'n'windy Mardi Gras night... cold enough to freeze the sequins on your... wherever you put them

A quiet day at WaitingManor though. Apart from a venture into the city for brunch with the Loved One, it's been all rather domestic & dull. Sorry!

So let's play a game:~ Spot the camper van...

Mountain Road

Just Do It

Feb. 20th, 2013 10:24 pm
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And so the great tidy-up begins, now that I only have a few free days left before work starts. All the little things that need doing, need doing NOW, instead of when I get around to them

Wafflers Committee tonight, always good for entertainment, if not actual committeeing. Pity it's about a 30-40 minute drive home... Bed
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A restless night, due to over-indulgence in the fine flavours of the sub-continent...

And probably also due to the whateveryouareacocchus infection the Loved One had, finally getting its hooks into me. Sore throat, headache, even more lethargy than normal (!!??) & coughing... lots of coughing. Yay

So a quiet morning, then off to the local Megamall to pick up a new DVD player, the weekly shopping & a couple of suits for me, as I'm going to need them & there was a sale on. Probably the second point was more compelling than the first...

Finally got to see the end of Clerks II, which the old DVD player had refused to play. Given that the scene it had frozen on involved leather, chains & a donkey, I suspect the old player had found religion shortly before it died... like all good lapsed Catholics do

Now, I think I'll 'ckoff to bed
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Welcome to the Sanatorium... No, not the place where they make Weet Bix, but the place where sick people try to keep themselves busy in betweeen bouts of coughing & soiling handkerchieves, napkins & sleeves

Or, at least one of us does. So far, I remain as healthy in body as I could expect... though it's usually only a matter of time before an infection gets ambitious & greedy & spreads to whomever else is within reach. That'd be me, then

And here in WaitingManor, there is a lack of the proper medication, at the moment, for coughs & colds... I drank the last of the good scotch a couple of days ago

But, as I always say... Any infection that can fight its way through my blood/alcohol defence system & survive deserves to get me. So bring it on, my little whateveryouareacocchus...


Feb. 2nd, 2013 10:39 pm
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We sold our VW Bug today... to a young bloke who lives about fifteen minutes drive from the guy who sold it to us (another story for another day...), for less money than we wanted, but isn't that always the way

Otherwise, a quiet day. The weather is less than clement & conducive to reading in bed... so that's what I'm going to do


Jan. 27th, 2013 10:38 pm
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Some time in the early hours of the morning, it started raining. And hasn't stopped all day

No complaints ~ we didn't have anything to do that required glorious sunshine, so we tripped through a couple of markets, had a coffee or two, then I dropped the Loved One off at her Mother's as she had to work tonight

Our DVD/VCR player is dying... I got about halfway through Iron Man this evening before everything froze & refused to move. This is happening with pretty much every DVD we put into it &, as usual, fixing it would cost about the same as buying a new one. I'm looking at getting just a DVD player with better sound options when my weekdays become workdays, so will try to coax the sickening machine to copy the last few videos onto DVD before it gives up the ghost completely


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