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An interesting article on modern times... & the end of them

Some light, morning reading...

It's nice to have my decision to not have children validated
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Today being my Saturday, I thought I'd download the photos from last week's 2 day roadtrip around the New South Wales south coast & Illawarra regions

So, plugged the camera in via USB as I've done for years &... nothing. The new PC doesn't recognise that anything is plugged in. A web search led me to get a downloadable upgrade package from Canon that should fix the problem. This downloaded as a .fir file, which my PC couldn't/wouldn't open. Another web search led me to about 7 useless sites that said I could use their product to open the file, but after many downloads, installations & attempts, none of them did. Tried WinZip... no joy. Yet another web search turned up no way of getting the files in an unzipped or different file format. FFS!! not another web search, yielded another possible product but my anti-virus software blocked it. Then another product that took 30 minutes to download to 99%, sat at that level for another 30 minutes before I uninstalled & tried again

In the meantime, I've washed up, cleaned the kitchen, dry-shampooed the living room carpet (don't ask!!), done a load of washing & hung it outside, swept the floors, taken out the rubbish & recycling... the usual domesticities

If I have to do another f@#king websearch...!!, found another site that looked promising. Download again took quite a while & once installed, it transpires that I need to register with the company in order to get a code for a trial version. By this stage, I'd give my hypothetical first-born to the first god that demanded it, so I'm now waiting for the code to arrive by e-mail

All this began at about 8am. It's now 4.30 in the afternoon & ask me how many photos I've downloaded today... Go on... ask!

How do I feel right now?


May. 28th, 2017 09:53 pm
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A new computer, a new Windows operating system... a lot of head-scratching & a little swearing about where all the buttons & icons I'm used to have gone & whatthehell are all these new ones?!

Still, at least it's safer than learning to drive a new car...

Changes are afoot at work, with a wedge having been driven between my Boss & his longtime 'friend' & partner, we need to be in new premises by the end of June. Eeep!!

We're inspecting a couple of locations tomorrow, neither of which tick every box for us, but do tick a couple of the important ones. Especially the one that's marked 'Better than using your car as an office'
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Fun with statistics... who says numbers are boring?

If you thought nobody gave a f%@k during 2016, you'd be wrong... Apparently a great number of people gave a f%@k, with one event in particular causing a LOT of f%@ks to be given

In fact, given the amount of f%@ks that were given on social media last year, I don't see why I have to disguise mine... & if you're offended, well - fuck off

So there's one fuck given for 2017... oops, now there are two. Shit, I mean bugger, I mean god damn it, I mean...
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In a bid to continue my regular Journalling... let's talk politics

No... wait. Come back!!

Here in Australia, after the recent Federal election, we have seen the return of a pig-ignorant, right-leaning racist to the Senate Chamber - a woman named Pauline Hanson, who began her political 'career' in the mid 90s as a member of the Liberal Party before they, in a rare show of wisdom, kicked her out & she ran for office as 'Pauline Hanson's One Nation'. Back then, she ranted about how Asians were coming here & stealing our jobs & clogging up our Welfare. How they could be both employed & claiming benefits at the same time was, apparently, not something that occurred to her, or her legion of like (tiny)-minded supporters. To cut a long story short, she was convicted of political fraud (for misusing electoral funding, not for wasting taxpayers time & money), served time & has spent the last few elections trying to get back to Parliament. Somehow this year, she did. Now it's the Muslims who are coming here, taking our jobs & getting handouts... same story, same gaping hole in the logic, same like (tiny)-minded supporters. Exactly the kind of idiot we were supposed to be getting rid of with the double dissolution of Parliament for the last election. Don't get me started on how the incumbent Liberal party managed to completely stuff that up, with the result that not only is Pauline back, but ex -'Shock Jock' Derryn Hinch is in there too - still banging on about paedophiles & naming names, this time under Parliamentary Privilege so at least he can't be sent to gaol for it... again

This is the trouble with the USA election campaign running for a year or more. With Donald Trump getting so much press & attention, despite having no experience; no policies & no idea in general, a bunch of similarly clueless one-issue yahoos managed to get themselves enough votes from the great unwashed & into the Senate here in a fraction of the time. The best thing you can say is that at least they can't be Prime Minister - unlike Trump hurling himself at the top job, heedless of the damage he's done already, let alone what he will do once he's there

And the other thing that bothers me about all this is how the modern media are keeping it all alive, well & at the forefront of the news cycle, by continually posting articles, stories & opinion pieces about these clowns. Back in the day, my Mother used to say "Ignore them & they'll go away" when I'd complain about being teased or bullied. Hard as it was, it pretty much worked - a few dramatic confrontations aside. But it's nigh on impossible to ignore these people, given the blanket coverage they are afforded by a media hungry for clicks & revenue. So I just don't any more. I won't read any article that mentions them, no matter how beguilingly stupid the click-bait headline is. I already know they're idiots... I don't need that opinion consistently reinforced & thereby perpetuating their popularity by giving that article more hits. So if you don't know who Pauline Hanson or Derryn Hinch are, you can Google or Wiki them yourself, I'm not providing a link to anything to do with them. I'll assume you already know about Donald Trump... there's not that much to know really

And finally... have a picture of a cute baby Zebra

Young Punk
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Everybody hates that guy... the one who can't stop showing off how much he knows about everything. All the time. Other people are really only there as topic springboards - as soon as they bring up a subject, he's all over it

I hate that guy. Sometimes I've been that guy. I hate that too...

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then a lot of knowledge can be an absolute disaster. Nobody wants to know what you know. No one wants their ignorance rubbed in their face by someone who positions himself as their superior. They don't want to hear about it even if you're not being officious & demeaning. Even if your intentions are simply to spread a little information around, to address common mistakes or misconceptions. To help... You're the Know-All, the Grammar Nazi, the Nerd, the Snob. They'll call you Doctor or Professor... but it won't be a compliment

It has come to my attention that at least one of my former employers probably thought I was smarter than them & disliked me for it... which has led, in the past, to unpleasant encounters ranging from stand-offs that were a hair's breadth from being violent; being used as an unwitting & unwilling example in Team Meetings; or simply being the one they get rid of when costs need to be cut. I never thought I flaunted my intelligence at people - especially not my employers... how stupid can a smart guy be?? But sometimes it can just be the way you speak - the 'accent', the vocabulary... the use of words like 'vocabulary'. I always thought if I had to correct someone's words, I did it privately & tried my damnedest to not act like an English Teacher, but... the road to Hell is paved with good intentions & I've walked a fair piece of it feeling like an over-educated idiot

I used to be grateful for the education I was afforded, the thirst for additional knowledge it fuelled. Now it seems that ignorance really is bliss & nobody wants their bliss dissed

Especially not by you... Professor
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Let me say right at the start that the killing of 12 people & wounding of many others in a Colorado cinema in 2012, was a tragedy. No argument

But why would you, having survived such an horrific event, then choose to sue the cinema for failing to protect you...?? And how much sympathy do you expect to get when you, quite logically, lose the suit??

Surely, if you were going to sue anybody, you'd go after the weapon's manufacturer, the NRA &/or the Government for making the weapon easily available to the sufferer of FITH* syndrome who walked in & opened fire... but the cinema? Do you really want or expect the ushers to be armed? Do you want to go through airport-style security every time you want to see a movie? Would you really prefer a live-action 3D Bourne-style shootout where not only the gunman, but staff & armed response personnel are spraying bullets everywhere? I can pretty much guarantee there would have been a lot more than 12 bodies at the end of that scenario

What is wrong with you? Will you now counter-sue the glorified ambulance-chasing lawyers who convinced you they could make the cinema pay you millions? That, at least, would be a measure of true justice...

* F@#ked In The Head
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Please... I'm begging you PLEASE

If you're ever in my company, kindly avoid the following expressions, as a punch in the mouth often offends...*

"Cray-cray" What on Earth?? It's not even an abbreviation. Just say 'crazy' before you drive me completely & utterly there

"Tay-Tay" when referring to Taylor Swift. For crying out loud, she's not a 5 year-old (unlike some of her fans), so please can we address the woman by her proper name??!!

However, for some reason, I have no problem with her being referred to as 'T-Swizzle'... though given my next gripe, I possibly should, for cultural reasons...

"Dropped" - as in "Tay-Tay's new video dropped at the Billboard Awards last night & it was cray-cray" I don't even know where to start, but let's try 'debuted', 'screened', 'played', 'was released/shown/broadcast'. 'Dropped' in this context, comes from hip-hop & it's just embarrassing when music journalists use it to appear relevant & street-credible

* - But I'm sure any right-minded Magistrate would let me off with a warning...


Apr. 25th, 2015 11:01 am
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So... it's the 100th Anniversary of the ANZAC campaign - a defining, tragic time in Australia's history

And what's the most-read story on the news.com.au website??

When the shops will be open on ANZAC Day

I don't have the words to express how sick this makes me... I only have a bucket
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By now, the Loved One & I should know better than to aim for the conventional... it never works out for us

On the other hand, when we have a mad or ill-conceived or relatively unplanned idea (like "Hey, let's drive across the USA with no booked accommodation!!) it all goes swimmingly

Therefore we should have known that arranging a special dinner-for-two to celebrate our Six Month Semi-Anniversary was never going to conform to expectations... We'd decided on a Spanish restaurant in town that we hadn't been to in a while, but retained fond memories of atmosphere & food quality. Firstly, parking was the usual nightmare, then the waiter showed us to a table behind a large group of large people with their chairs so far out I couldn't squeeze into my spot. So we moved to the back of the place, next to a pair of young women who were telling themselves & anyone in earshot (which was a number of us) that they were having a "Girls Night Out... Boo Ya!!"

It then took quite a while to attract a waiter's attention, but once we'd ordered, the food began arriving fairly quickly ~ including a garlic bread we hadn't asked for, but whatthehell... The first couple of courses were tasty, but it all fell apart when a wrong dish arrived & we were assured it was the right one. It wasn't. From there... well let's just say the pork belly was salty as hell, the garlic prawns made up in chilli what they lacked in tenderness & the idea of dessert was quickly quashed in favour of paying up & getting out

An attempt to visit a favoured Gelataria was thwarted by traffic & lack of parking, so ~ of all places ~ we wound up at our local RSL Club for cake & last drinks, accompanied by three different football games on the screens & all the attendant, well-lubricated fans. On a whim, we decided to visit the Poker Machine Lounge & 'gamble' some of the money we'd allocated to our special night...

And so, of course, this is where it all went right... walking away with a $25 profit on the evening. All down to the Loved One's skill with the 10 Credit button, but credit where it's due, I say.

On this evidence, maybe we'll celebrate our first year a day, week, or month late. Trust me... it'll be a better time
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Apart from yet another frustrating call to Optus Customer "Support" this evening because of a problem with Outlook Express...

Him: "I'm not trained in Outlook, Optus no longer supports external mail programs"

Me: "But at the top of my screen, it says 'Outlook Express provided by Optusnet Cable'. It's one of the largest e-mail programs in the world!! You provide this service, how can you not be trained in it..."

Him: "You'll have to talk to Microsoft, Optus only supports its own webmail application & that's all I'm trained in"

Me: "@$%&@!!!!!???? @$%$&$!!!!!!"

... there's not much to report for the day. Which is probably a good thing ~ I need to lie down for a while
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The AGM of my After-Dinner Speakers Club today... way out north-west in the 'clubhouse' of one of those gated communities you thought were only in the USA, but are springing up out here

I hate them. For the snobbery & the hypocrisy. For making visitors park outside the gates & walk in, so that cars don't 'litter' their perfectly manicured little streets. For the award certificates that praise their "Maintained Garden", proudly on display on the clubhouse wall. For the elitist façade of 'community' ~ as long as you're one of their kind of people...

For making 'The Stepford Wives' a documentary instead of fiction

The garden thing annoyed me almost as much as the 'don't bring your car in here' edict. As if a Garden that's mowed, manicured & maintained by a company that employs people who couldn't/wouldn't live there is something to show off about. I'll bet none of the residents got a speck of soil under a single fingernail... & I wonder if the landscapers had to park their van outside as well...

Couldn't get out of there fast enough following the meeting & a brief lunch. Quite happy to leave them to their perverse little 'sanctuary' & pray that some disgruntled, underpaid housekeeper "accidentally" leaves a gas burner on, somewhere near a can of petrol
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Back to work. Mmmm... paint fumes. Niiice

The place does look different all painted white though. Which almost, but doesn't quite, make up for the electrician still not having completed all the wiring ~ meaning that when I walked in this morning, we only had one computer & one phone working, no EFTPOS & a $h!+load of work to do. I know... First World problems. But we are working in a kind of Third World desolate landscape ~ the old carpeting & shelves are randomly ripped up & apart, the new flooring goes in next week, so there are tripwires (Okay - cables) everywhere. With only a tiny stretch of the imagination, we're in downtown Fallujah ~ without the snipers... for now

Tonight we had a tech-savvy friend over for dinner, Game of Thrones, a look at why our wireless booster isn't boosting & why my internet speed is about as fast as the Australian Liberal Party wants it to be...

I also set up my new webcam & Skype account tonight
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Watched some British TV, a couple of American movies, had Vietnamese for dinner & we lost the 20/20 cricket match to Sri Lanka

Now that's multiculturalism...

But this isn't

And may I present Exhibit B:~

By all means get a tattoo. By all means get lots of them... But the Southern Cross??!! You might as well get "Dumbf@ck Racist Dickhead" branded across your (most likely) large forehead. It's not patriotic... well, maybe it once was... but now it's just a way for beer-swilling bogans to recognise each other, so they can form a pack, drink more VB & pick a fight with anyone who looks more intelligent than them ~ which is just about everyone

Except maybe this guy...
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My unofficial Guru... or 'Life Coach' as modern parlance would have it, had this to say in his most recent diary entry:~

"When life is hard, even a question of life and death, it’s possible to have a conversation. Until then, managing BS and social platitudes falls under the heading of good manners and being polite. When necessity visits, there’s no room and no energy for anything other than what is real."

A lot to think about in those words. On the one hand, it's an admirably efficient way of moving through the day & its agenda, suffering no fools & committing energy & intent to the completion of work. And it certainly does, or would, gain you a reputation as an able & reliable person. On the other hand, politeness & good manners are often the best grease for the wheels of industry. Every day there is a certain amount of ritual humdrum one goes through that serves no real purpose other than to reassure others that all's well in the microcosm you share with them ~ health, weather, trivia & gossip are dissected daily to develop camaraderie, which, ideally, leads to a pleasant atmosphere for work

Too much either way leads to disharmony or oppression. I've worked for people who have no time for politeness (or possibly no appreciation or skill for it) & actively discourage any kind of socialising amongst workers while at work. All too quickly this becomes an 'Us vs Them' scenario which creates tension, which affects productivity, which defeats the purpose. I've also worked with people who treated any question, even work-related, as reason enough to 'down tools' & spin off into pleasant but aimless conversation & twenty minutes later you still don't have an answer to your initial enquiry & neither of you have done anything productive for a combined total of forty minutes

Balance is key. I like to think I have it, but given my work history, over the last few years especially, either I don't, or there are far more unbalanced people out there than is practicable for me ~ both employers & employees. It seems that I inevitably brush up against one or the other the wrong way, either by being polite & accommodating to a perceived fault, or by insisting that work needs to take priority over dissection of the weekend football match at this moment

In the light of a conversation I had in the last twelve hours, I know I'm not alone in the frustration of achieving balance in a tilting world. How about you?

Oh God...

Aug. 24th, 2012 01:25 pm
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In which the Christian religion embraces the theory of evolution & Jesus is depicted as a proto-hominid

It's the little things which amuse the most, sometimes...
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In which established stereotypes are reinforced. Or ~ if we are all individuals... I'm not

The other day, the Loved One & I were driving somewhere, can't remember where, we go to a lot of places all over town... but anyway, we turned off the main road into our desired side street & there, immediately & way too close to the intersection for legality or our comfort, was a white delivery van in the middle of a 3-point turn & a poorly executed one at that. The Loved One was dismayed to see that the driver was not only Asian, but was also wearing glasses & iPod earphones. I'm not sure if there was a Buddhist icon hanging from the rear-view mirror, but I wouldn't have been surprised. The Loved One, who is of the Asian persuasion herself, was the first to complain that this guy couldn't have been more of a cliché if he'd tried & was doing the rest of them no favours

A little later, at the supermarket, we were stockpiling comestibles & essentials at the checkout when the next customer began doing the same. First thing we both noticed was the 6 boxes of mini Drumstick ice creams. Then the 3 packets of sliced ham. I looked at the customer & was dismayed to see yet another slave to pre-conditioning. Thinning hair slicked down, pasty, never-seen-the-sun face, oversized track-suit with the pants tucked into white socks & the unmistakable aroma of somebody who's unsure of where both the bathroom & the laundry are. So when the next items out of his trolley were four packets of corn chips, I wasn't surprised. The only thing I had to decide was whether he was just your regular social exile playing Mental Solitaire with a deck of 47 cards... or if he had someone chained up in his basement as well

Incidentally ~ why are 99% of track suits, 'sport' socks & running shoes sold to people who couldn't or wouldn't run for a bus, let alone a 400m relay? Or are there far more Shot-putters out there than I'd realised ~ in which case, why didn't we win Gold in London?

I've also lost count of the number of times we've been out to dinner somewhere &, as I look around the restaurant there are so many women who have dressed 'up' for the occasion... only to be accompanied by some shambling 3-toed Sloth for whom a favourite t-shirt, tracksuit pants & thongs or Crocs constitutes evening wear. Oh... & a 'Hoodie' if it's Winter

Gentlemen ~ I know we can't all be Michael Schumacher behind the wheel, Howard Hughes if we choose to stay indoors, or, god forbid, Karl Lagerfeld when we're out on the town...

But we owe it to ourselves to try at least!
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From the 'Too Good An Idea To Ever Be Approved' files comes this renovation for the late, unlamented Sydney Monorail.

I think it's a great idea... which is why it'll never happen. A shame.

Meanwhile, this is pretty much how I'm coping with life at the moment:~

Turtleneck Swimmer
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Well... this comes as no surprise really.

Though I would have liked to know how many of the flag-wavers also have the Southern Cross tattooed on themselves & believe that "Aussie Aussie Aussie ~ Oi Oi Oi!!!" should be the National Anthem.

At least there'd be no pesky second verse to remember...


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