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Today being my Saturday, I thought I'd download the photos from last week's 2 day roadtrip around the New South Wales south coast & Illawarra regions

So, plugged the camera in via USB as I've done for years &... nothing. The new PC doesn't recognise that anything is plugged in. A web search led me to get a downloadable upgrade package from Canon that should fix the problem. This downloaded as a .fir file, which my PC couldn't/wouldn't open. Another web search led me to about 7 useless sites that said I could use their product to open the file, but after many downloads, installations & attempts, none of them did. Tried WinZip... no joy. Yet another web search turned up no way of getting the files in an unzipped or different file format. FFS!! not another web search, yielded another possible product but my anti-virus software blocked it. Then another product that took 30 minutes to download to 99%, sat at that level for another 30 minutes before I uninstalled & tried again

In the meantime, I've washed up, cleaned the kitchen, dry-shampooed the living room carpet (don't ask!!), done a load of washing & hung it outside, swept the floors, taken out the rubbish & recycling... the usual domesticities

If I have to do another f@#king websearch...!!, found another site that looked promising. Download again took quite a while & once installed, it transpires that I need to register with the company in order to get a code for a trial version. By this stage, I'd give my hypothetical first-born to the first god that demanded it, so I'm now waiting for the code to arrive by e-mail

All this began at about 8am. It's now 4.30 in the afternoon & ask me how many photos I've downloaded today... Go on... ask!

How do I feel right now?


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