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Tired of your children running around your home & breaking stuff?

No problem - take them to the Museum & let them break stuff there...

Why couldn't you have taken them to any one of these places instead... Let them run around there - they'll only do it once...
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Further to yesterday's stupid & ignorant actions of Australia's own Monster Raving Loony Party, laughably calling itself 'One Nation', their so-called 'Leader' just had to go one better than her colleague, to prove that she's the most monstrous, loudest raving & looniest loony in the place...

So she wore a full burqa when she entered the Federal Senate chamber, before taking it off with a self-satisfied smirk & demanding that the Attorney General ban the garment in Australia... for "national security"

Our Attorney General, George Brandis (apparently a distant relation of mine, though I've never met him, nor do I want to) is not a very well-liked, nor overly respected public figure, having been at best ineffective in his role & at worst, a blathering idiot who can't even parrot stock phrases properly when the facts elude him. However, every blathering idiot has his day (Hi Donald!) & today was George's

He roundly, soundly & unequivocally berated the ignorant fuckwit for such a blinkered, divisive & frankly vulgar stunt & for being... well, an ignorant fuckwit. All in acceptable parliamentary language, of course, but we knew what he meant. So did the rest of the Senate, who gave him a standing ovation - something they probably thought they'd only do on the day he left office...

Maybe I should put him on the Christmas Card list this year after all...
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between Mankind & Wildlife has ended in a draw

Humans - 1

Animals - 1

And we're supposed to be the smart ones??!!
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Sorry to any of my rightward-leaning friends (of which I don't think I have any, but ...just in case), but this news just in fills me with global optimism

In fact, any news that tells me the human hairpiece has been thwarted - especially by his own adopted political party - keeps my misguided sense of optimism alive


Jun. 30th, 2017 07:49 am
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Is alive & well...

Blah blah tragic loss... blah blah so much to live for...blah blah their unborn child. Blah blah... All I see is an idiot who will no longer be a drain on society's resources. Honestly - if you're stupid enough to think that playing around with guns is cool & a shortcut to 'fame'... we, as a species, can spare you

Do I blame social media for this? Not at all - I firmly believe that no matter what you do, stupid people will continue to do stupid things. They did it before the internet, they'll keep doing it now. And frankly... keep it up!! Keep going over Niagara Falls in a giant beach ball. Keep bungee jumping without ropes. Keep climbing over high fences with locked gates, onto giant construction cranes, then taking the short way down

Despite the best efforts of religion & right-wing politics, Nature will always find a way to weed out the weakest links...


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