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About a week's supply there, I'd say...

After three years of threatening, then about a month of real planning, my Long-Suffering Partner wrangled my slightly-early birthday party last night, at the wonderful (and wonderfully named) 'Friend In Hand' hotel. Speeches, embarrassing slide shows complete with naked baby photos, strictly amateur hour Karaoke & the realisation that, not only do I have a lot of wonderful friends, but that they come from such a wide variety of backgrounds, situations & histories. And somehow... they all mingled!! Having been to so many parties where the only people I knew were the host, or the person I arrived with, then spending a lot of time either on my own, or looking for a dog or cat to talk to, it was wonderful to see so many diverse conglomerates form & morph throughout the room & the night

Thanks to all of them for helping me grow old disgracefully!!
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The least amount of travel, but the most fun so far...

C'est la vie say the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell )
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New Year's Day 2016 II

A friend gave us access to her apartment in Potts Point, Sydney for NYE while she was in New Zealand - celebrating a few hours earlier than us. I think our view was better though... Thanks Roslyn !!
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Blerp... The morning after the night befpre...

Not hung over - didn't drink very much at all last night, but definitely emerging from a food coma. December is traditionally spent with various friends & colleagues, at various tables, having food plonked in front of you, which you plough through as you review the year that was... & last night was no exception

The last Wafflers meeting of the year is always a buffet affair & I've spent this past week organising numbers, doing seating arrangements & liasing with caterers, making sure that the 73 guests would all get something they like to eat. For such is the job of Dinner Secretary in the Club & I've been doing it for nearly 2 years... & boy, does it take a toll

Most months we have somewhere between 30-40 people & even that can be a bit tricky, 'cause everyone has their preference as to who they sit with, what they can & can't eat... L-SP & I have dubbed the 3rd week of the month 'Wafflers Week' & have learned that any disagreements we have, about anything, can be put down to the stress of dealing with that finicky bunch & are not to be seen as anything other than pressure relief, So finagling with almost twice the usual number means that this week, it's probably been best for L-SP to not talk to me at all... except that, because of the aforementioned social nature of December, we've probably talked more than usual. No black eyes, or divorce lawyers though... I'd say we've come through rather well... fed !!

Can't wait for April 2015's AGM, when my term on the Committee is up & they'll have to find a new Dinner Secretary... Boy, will we give 'em hell with our requests...

An 11th hour reprieve might be at hand for my career too. I got a call just as we were heading out last night, from an immediate past colleague, with news of a job opportunity with a much larger & much more reputable company than the one I'm starting with on Monday... & in the same product range that I've been working with over the last 2 years. Which is good, because I wasn't looking forward to emptying my head of all the technical info I've gathered on it, so that there'll be room for the new stuff I'll be flogging. Anyway, hopefully off to see a man about a horse this morning. What does one wear on a Saturday when going to see a potential employer, but it's not actually an 'interview' as such, more just an introduction & fact-finding field trip?
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According to the top of my LJ page, it's not my fault I've been gone for two days. So...

Wednesday ~ let's just gloss over work, it's been pretty quiet & uneventful & skip straight to the couple of hours spent with the other guitarist in the band that is springing slowly from the World's Longest Album Project... which has also been rejected as a name for the band. Been a while since I played with just another guitar, without other instruments or vocals. Fun

Thursday ~ yeah, work... then off to a Mexican restaurant in Gladesville for a belated birthday dinner with friends. Tasty food, but giant serving sizes. I gave up on my meal about 2/3s of the way in, knowing I was already stuffed to the gills. An uncomfortable night's sleep ensued... not to mention Montezuma's Revenge

Today, I left work early to join the Loved One picking up our new car & signing seemingly endless forms in duplicate, triplicate... all designed to make us feel better about the amount of money spent, or more accurately, owing

Then taking the new car to Wafflers this evening for my first time as Dinner Secretary, with fluctuating numbers of guests, a mixed bag of speakers & a nice main course & dessert. Interesting beginnings

Work tomorrow...
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Tuesday... & the week gathers momentum

Getting busy at work & also looking further into the week where there are two days spent in another branch office on the other side of town, acoustic sessions on another side of town, an informal family dinner in the middle of town, then seeing Tool for the first time in a while

So a quiet night in for tonight...Deep breath & off we go

To bed
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Well... a rather full weekend

We had a wedding yesterday ~ one of The Loved One's cousins married her long-time partner at a Catholic church out in Liverpool & my Sister-in-law was a bridesmaid, so attendance was kindasorta mandatory. When they set out chairs at the altar for the Bride & Groom, you know it probably won't be just a quick reading of the vows, a kiss & off to the pub. Fortunately it wasn't the full Catholic service, which I've encountered before & lost two hours of my life to, but there was still plenty of liturgical call & response during the readings & the set prayers & standing, sitting, standing again... I was coerced into abandoning my principle of not photographing people for the day & was one of quite a few cameras documenting the happy event. I received the ultimate compliment from one of the paid photographers when he came up behind me & stuck his much longer & much more expensive lens over my shoulder to capture the same angle for one of the shots I was taking. It turned out the priest was an ex-wedding photographer too... before obviously deciding it was more fun being a part of the action

A break of a couple of hours & off to the Reception at one of those professional party venues you find all over the Western Suburbs. This was a Chinese/Vietnamese place ~ presumably to keep the Bride's side of the family happy after the Groom's Spanish Catholic family chose the church. Lots of taffeta, chintz & ribbons on the tables, a House Band setting up while their singer wandered around in a military-style jacket & leather pants, chatting up all the young women in short tight skirts & more hairspray & makeup than a Drag Convention. From then on, the night was fun & predictable:~ the food was great, the alcohol endless, the so-called speeches appalling & the descent into debauchery & violence inevitable... with the Best Man picking a fight with another guest & the dance floor a sea of god-knows-what. I spent most of the night with my newly Residential Brother-in-law, but was convinced/dragooned into a couple of dances... Well, conga lines don't require much in the way of co-ordination ~ in fact, the less, the better. Home eventually, somewhat the worse for wear about 3am. Ish

Recovery today at our local café, then it was down to Brookvale Oval to see our Rugby League team beat Cronulla ~ the first time I've been to a League game since 1980something & the first time ever for The Loved One, who enjoyed it so much, we've booked seats for another game next month

Back to work tomorrow to see how the renovations have progressed over the weekend. And for a rest...
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The day began with removing graffiti from the showroom walls (outside!), with a solvent product called 'Goofoff'... Highly effective... & leaving me effectively high too... Nice fumes

Preparing for renovations at work meant a lot of lifting, shifting, carrying & sorting of product, in between trying to sell some of it, but a quiet day on that front

Trivia this evening & I think we're about done with the venue, the crowd & the Host. Hard to park anywhere near, full of nerds, geeks & day-release patients from Gladesville & just not as amusing as it once was. The fact that we didn't win has nothing to do with my ennui... No, really it hasn't

Done for the day....zzzzzzzzzzzz


Mar. 31st, 2013 11:14 pm
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Breakfast at the new local... some pottering & meandering at home, then a family late-lunch which spilled over into dinner this afternoon/evening

You know how sometimes you get home from a social gathering at a reasonably early hour, but then can't muster much energy to do anything else, not even enough to commit to watching a whole movie, so you watch little bits of this, then an hour of that, just so you don't have to admit that you'd rather have gone to bed at the ridiculous time of 8.30pm... which you haven't done since you were 8 years old??

Just me then?

Soddit... now I'm definitely off to bed
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Tonight was supposed to be a musical one, but our bassist had a last-minute commitment so the rest of us postponed, leaving me with an unexpected free evening. The Loved One suggested we head up to the local RSL Club for dinner, drinks & the Meat Tray Raffle. Sounded good to me... Arriving at the Club, we bought $20 worth of tickets, which came with a $15 dinner discount voucher, ordered our meals & drinks, then waited for the numbers to be called

First ticket number was way below our range, second was over. I joked that if this was an artillery exercise, the next number would be spot on. Then the buzzer went off for our meals &, as I went to collect them, they called one of our numbers. The Loved One went to claim our meat tray & I returned with dinners. As we were about to tuck in, they called another of our numbers... so I went this time to claim another tray. A short time later, as I was collecting round two of our drinks, one of our numbers was up again... This was getting embarrassing

It was worse when we were leaving the Club, collecting three swags full of steaks, sausages, pork chops, eggs, bacon, chickens & roasting beef. It looked like we'd mugged a Butcher. We decided that one of the trays would find a good home at a friend's place. He had a motorcycle accident in January & has broken feet & ribs, so moving around is a challenge & trips to the supermarket even more so. So... we've just come home after a couple of hours of catching-up & watching Fail clips on YouTube. Now my ribs hurt...

Two Day

Mar. 12th, 2013 10:12 pm
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Oops... missed yesterday. I'm sure you're all waiting with bated breath

Dinner with a recently retrenched friend last night, whose solution to unemployment is simple ~ he's going to Canada for five weeks to see his girlfriend. A bit like our six-week trip to the USA last year in the wake of my redundancy & its subsequent payout. Our friend is already talking of extending his stay over there, so we'll see him sooner or later

Having been presented with the keys to the Kingdom (okay, just the showroom I work at) yesterday, I spent today working solo due to staff illness. I don't mind being thrown in the deep end ~ it's the best way to learn & also shows the Paymasters I'm capable & reliable. The only time I didn't like being thrown in the deep end was when I was 7 years old & learning to swim. Thirty eight years later, I'm still not the most confident of water babies...

Trivia tonight with the old host at the new venue. Nice chicken Caesar salad & we won. I call that a pleasant evening
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A Game of Thrones event at a Randwick cinema tonight ~ a Season II episode shown on the big screen, a Q&A with Michelle Fairley, who plays Catelyn Stark, then a 'Making of...' documentary on the episode we saw

The 'Blackwater' episode looked great on a screen even bigger than our one at home, the Q&A was both fun & informative... & the whole audience groaned & clenched their teeth when the Harry Potter fan asked a pointless, superfluous question about Michelle's minor involvement in 'Deathly Hallows I'. I thought of a question for her towards the end, but time precluded its asking... Now I'll never know (sob!!). The documentary probably would have been of more interest to anyone fascinated by, or working in, the nuts'n'bolts of production design... which isn't really me on either count

A quick dinner late supper afterwards, now home. Now bed
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Off we went to Camperdown tonight in search of a new Trivia evening & found one of our old hosts at a new gig... except he was always doing this gig on a Tuesday, whereas we'd seen him somewhere else on a Wednesday &... you know what? It doesn't really matter... We came, we played, we won

Starting to get things together at work... & projects are lining up, so I'll soon be busier than I have been for the last week. Lots of data entry today, requiring the wearing of glasses... I've been developing a nice little headache since about 3pm that's just about matured

Aarrgghh... bed
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Playing around with carpet samples this evening... kindasorta starting to think about maybe dreaming of a vague plan to, one day in the future, definitely consider the possibility of preparing an open-ended strategy for potential implementation, in due course, of hypothetical steps towards the forming of an idea geared towards eventually getting new carpet throughout WaitingManor... Sometime

Or not

A couple of the mat-sized samples do feel rather luxurious when stood on in bare feet... Mmmmm

One of only two nights in this week. Coming up ~ Dinners, a show, trivia quiz & an acoustic session optimistically being referred to as a rehearsal. Must dust off the Matron
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A rainy Sunday to round out the weekend

Although the weather wasn't so bad when we were at the Courthouse Hotel in Newtown for farewell drinks with our ex-pat friends, leaving tonight & returning to England... via 5 days in Abu Dhabi to "have a holiday from the holiday". I'd no idea we could be so taxing...

But now ~ rain, a bit cold & a slight headache, so bed & booktime
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An abortive attempt this evening to participate in a new trivia night, as our regular one from last year will not be back

As we will not be back to tonight's venue... too crowded, too trendy... & the trivia had a 'Seinfeld' theme ~ my least favourite US comedy of the 90s & now endless syndication, so I was never going to be an enthusiastic contestant anyway. Dinner then became Priority 1, so on one of our group's recommendation, we trooped down to Chinatown & into a restaurant specialising in different flavours of fried chicken. The soy sauce-flavoured one was great, the plain one was a bit bland & the hot'n'spicy'n'covered in cheese was possibly a bit over the top... but we ate it all anyway

Work experience continues. Haven't sold anything yet, so it's all theoretical until I can test my memory & improv skills
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But I'm only just home, so it counts as the day before...

An odd day ~ starting out rainy'n'windy & more conducive to staying at home, so we did. Then, as the weather improved, we headed out to our various engagements... the Loved One to a wedding & reception & I to a catch-up over drinks & eventual dinner with an erstwhile workmate I've been promising to meet since mid-December last year

The three of us wound up in the North Annandale Hotel shortly before their turf-out time. Now home, perchance to get some sleep before the first day at the new job...
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A rainy day... so I didn't feel too bad about sleeping in. Trouble was, lethargy then followed me around for most of the day, clutching at my ankle like a ball & chain. No reason I can think of... just because

The Einstürzende Neubauten gig was a great one ~ must chase up some of the albums I've missed over the years, though I did recognise a lot of the pieces played last night. Met an erstwhile drummer outside the theatre afterwards ~ other than a few faces which seemed familiar from many 'alternative' gigs over many years, he was the only person I knew who turned up. That I know of...

Now... bed & a book
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A low-key day, a late breakfast at our new local Café, then a quiet afternoon at home before dinner this evening with some friends visiting from the UK, where they moved to a couple of years ago

They're staying with a relative in Annandale ~ your typical late 19th, early 20th century single-storey terrace off the main street, with postage-stamp sized back yard just big enough for a beagle to run around in. Barbecued lamb & a selection of tasty salads were the bill of fare... A good night. Our friends were always good for interesting conversations & it got late too early... Hopefully we'll see them again before they return home

More interviews tomorrow...
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Finally made it to a beach this Summer... Sort of

Coming home from running errands the other day, I had the point'n'shoot camera with me &, having been pretty much stuck at home for most of the week, decided to stay out of the house for a little while longer & drove down to the little inner-harbour beach at the bottom of our hill, got my feet wet & took a couple of photos

Ebb Tide

Dinner tonight with friends at a new-ish Chinese restaurant in Ashfield. It's a new place, but it's run by the son of the owner of the one I've been going to for about twenty years. He's even swiped their main chef... cheeky sod. As such, many things on the menu are the same as his Mum's place, but we tried some of his new dishes & made enthusiastic noises. When he asked me if I preferred his place or his Mum's, I said I'd let him know in twenty years

That said, our friends enjoyed it & we ate plenty


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