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Going back through my Journal entries for 2011, I found this one...

I tried to warn you... but you wouldn't listen. Does anyone??!!
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I work with quite a few Muslim people in my new job...

And you know what? All of them are just like me, really - they all have a fairly ambivalent view of god & pretty much reject the religion they've been raised in as being outdated, largely irrelevant in modern society &, at worst, just an excuse for a fight

I've had a couple of current affairs conversations with them & they're just as despairing of the way things are & how they look to be going as I am. The thing that truly unites us is we agree that, if the world is determined to blow itself up, then Australia's a good place to be

They're all younger than me, so I haven't mentioned 'On The Beach' to them... it's not my place to disappoint the young & optimistic... this time

Can't we just organise a big no-holds-barred wrestling cage match all-in brawl? Donald, Vlad, Kim, Khameini, Erdogan, Assad & various unnamed extremists from all sides. All in spandex trunks, of course

We could have lots of cameras there, so they think it's being broadcast to the world, when in fact it will only be on a CCTV closed feed, with just the screens inside the empty stadium showing the 'action'. They can posture, proclaim, proselytise & pomp around to their hearts content, while they attack each other with every WWE cliché from the last 30 years...

Until just one of them staggers outside, to be met by a firing squad made up of war widows, orphans & the disabled...

Problem is, I think we'd need to have one of these events every few years or so. For a couple of generations at least...
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Meanwhile, I've had the strangest working week, thanks to my roster & Easter. Had Tuesday & Wednesday off as my usual weekend, worked Thursday, had Good Friday off, worked Saturday, had Easter Sunday off, working tomorrow, then it's time for my weekend again. I may accidentally turn up to work on Wednesday... I wonder if they'd tell me?

Been fostering some homeless kittens for the last few days too. They're only about 6 weeks old & make me feel very tall... & old. Photos soon...
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For fuck's fucking sake, Donald, you're the biggest fucking fuckwit it's ever been my shitty misfortune to be unable to fucking avoid

Horrific chemical weapons attack in Syria? It must be Obama's fault

Surely that's taking the 'Thanks Obama' meme a little too far... blaming the Syrian government force's inhumane & inexcusable attack on civilians on the previous administration's inactivity on taking Assad's toys away. Are you really that desperate to score points??!!

Seriously, you fuckwit, if you actually did have shit for brains, the dung beetles would still go hungry...

Oh... and hey Russia... How do you feel about your Syrian buddies now?? And if it's later revealed that you gave them those deadly toys...

What a world


Feb. 15th, 2017 08:12 am
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So... On the Australian TV show Q & A (a sort of current affairs debate open to the public) this week, a right-wing Senator was challenged by a Muslim woman over her (mis)understanding of 'sharia law' - something that has been a lightning rod for fear-mongering xenophobes, bigots & racists all over the world

Now, having read this article (surprisingly, on the news.com.au website - normally the home of white-bread news), I discovered that even I didn't really know what Sharia is... Of course, I'd like to do more reading on the subject than just a news item, but everyone has to start somewhere & this article isn't a bad place...

I'm not advocating for Islam, nor am I thinking of converting. I don't actually subscribe to any religion this world (or any other, so far) has to offer. But just remember - some of the worst, bloodthirsty, corrupt, belligerent, violent people of the last 2000 years have claimed to be Christians... Evil is ultimately separate from Religion, though the two get into bed with each other quite comfortably... & often. When they do - it's the world that gets fucked

If Only...

Jan. 31st, 2017 09:48 am
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Hmmm... WaitingMan has posted an entry - must be his weekend!

I know this article has been written in clearly biased language &, as such, will incite more useless political argument than proper debate... & probably a few late-night tweets from... ahem... a certain individual in a new job, but I'd welcome informed opinions on whether what the author is calling for is possible... or likely

Over to you, dear Reader
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* Unless something even worse happens...

What has happened is all too predictable. When you have a Commander-In-Chief who spouts racist & sexist rhetoric, as well as practising & defending it, who not only gets away with it, but revels in his impunity, then it's only a matter of not-much time before his supporters/disciples/fanclub/mindless masses begin to act the same way - because, after all, if it's good enough for the Boss, it's good enough for them. Right?

Right. In fact... far-right

Exhibit A

Oh America... we will miss you


Nov. 10th, 2016 10:37 am
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47 million Americans didn't vote

47 million

That's nearly 2x the population of Australia. I can't get my head around that number... it's like if we had 2 elections here & nobody voted at all - the entire country stayed home... twice

Months & months ago, I was discussing the Trump/Clinton bout with my brother out-law & I said Trump could win because his supporters will turn up to the ballots on the day & vote for him. Everyone else won't believe that such a thing could be allowed to happen, so they won't vote - believing that someone else will stop him

I hate being right, sometimes...
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Sorry for the radio silence over the last few months... I've fallen out of love with talking about myself & my life in general

However, I'll never get tired of talking about things like this... the relics of a bygone era who continue to poison the education & opinions of the modern world

For the-god-of-your-choice's sake... or for no god's sake at all if you prefer, I wish some people would either grow up or shut up. No other options are available

That goes for you too:~ Fred Nile, Alan Jones, Ray Hadley, John Laws, the entire 'Family First' political party, Clive Palmer, the entire US Republican party, Rupert Murdoch, Cardinal George Pell... you can take over from here, I'm sure
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Wafflers Committee meeting tonight, so off to the wilds of the upper North Shore we went... Me to stand-in as Secretary & notes-taker, the Loved One to play card games with the Chairman's wife & son, before the two groups united over cheese, crackers & port... & profiteroles

A busy day at work again. I've only been doing the job for three & a bit weeks, but... & I suppose it shouldn't surprise me, having been in Sales for most of my working life... but it does surprise me how people can take a pretty straightforward sales quotation for goods & services & want to make it more complicated by asking for different breakdowns of price & measurement which ultimately don't affect the overall cost. Instead of one figure that encompasses the whole project, you now have several different figures, based on different interpretations which all add up to the original single sum. And it's not like I'm dealing with whole committees here... or large-scale projects like corporate offices, or multi-storey buildings. It's a couple of rooms in a house or apartment!! And yet people seem to think that by shuffling & juggling numbers, they'll somehow land in a different (read 'Cheaper') order

It would appear that the example set by our current Federal Government with its twisting & crunching of numbers to no real effect is having repercussions...
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Pop Culture vs Politics...

While Mr Obama's personal popularity may not be high by historical comparison, he can take some comfort from the fact that it is higher than that of Republicans.

An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll published last week found just 26 per cent of those polled had a positive view of the party, compared with 44 per cent for the Democratic Party.

Perhaps both parties should be concerned that a Public Policy Polling poll published earlier this month found Congress was less popular than colonoscopies, lice, root canals and being stuck in traffic.

The same poll found Congress was more popular than Lindsay Lohan and the Kardashians

Who comes up with these questions??!!
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North Korean style...

What's next Kim... buried up to the neck in a pit of scorpions? What's wrong with the good old shark trapdoor?
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The latest in an occasional series of ideas or approaches that, while eminently sensible, will never get off the ground

More's the pity...

Oh Boy...

Sep. 5th, 2012 10:22 pm
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The head of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) Jim Wallace says smoking is healthier than the lifestyle that would be promoted by same-sex marriage

So if you're a gay smoker... you're f@%&ed both ways, apparently... especially if you're a gay pot smoker!!
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You know... I just knew Alan Jones was due to stuff both his patent leather loafers in his rancid mouth... he's been a bit quiet for the last fortnight

Here's the latest bollocks from Australia's premier dickhead

Now... we just need Kyle Sandilands to chime in with his abusive, sexist shit, Ray Hadley to bang on about Boat People & Andrew Bolt to claim it's all a Leftist conspiracy & everything will be back to 'Normal'...
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Reading the New Musical Express online this morning, I was unsure what to make of this headline:~ Australia's Deputy Prime Minister: "Bruce Springsteen Predicted The Economic Crisis"

Is the NME hard up for stories, or is Wayne Swan desperate for publicity &/or relevance? A bit of both, perhaps...

He could have been a bit more parochial about it though... Midnight Oil were banging on about much the same things in the early 80s... & Wayne has their lead singer in his own government!!

So in the tit-for-tat copycat game of Australian politics, who should Tony Abbott quote in his next interview? If he went for Manic Street Preachers I might even consider voting for him... for half an instant

Personally, my thoughts on both Wayne & Tony are best summed up by this...
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Then we know it must be...

Complete & Utter Bollocks

Aren't we lucky, here in the 'Clever Country' to have experts such as Alan & Bronwyn to tell us what to think???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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The Kim Is Dead... Long Live The (Next) Kim

Bloody hell LJ... According to my 'Friends' page you'd think nothing more exciting than pretty photos had been happening around the world... Has FaceBook really taken the 'Live out of Journalling & Twitter taken the Journalling as well??!!??

Fine. So, if Narcissism is more important than News these days, then the Church gig I went to on Saturday night was the most amazing thing in the world ever!!!!
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From today's Sydney Morning Herald:~

The 1909 city plan: the original and still the best

Sydney would be a modern metropolis but for politics and complacency, writes Kelsey Munro.

A CENTURY ago, a royal commission released a grand reimagining of Sydney, a bold plan to turn a famously unplanned city - yet one with a beautiful harbour - into an efficient modern metropolis.

The famed Chicago plan by Daniel Burnham and Edward Bennett, also released in 1909, became a benchmark for modern urban planning and made Chicago a model for cities around the world. Meanwhile, Sydney became … well. Did we mention the harbour?

"In Chicago you'll see a demonstrable impact of that plan on the landscape," said Rob Freestone, the professor of planning at the University of NSW, "with extensive open space through the metro area, particularly down near the waterfront which was recast away from the old factories and railyards … into a magnificent cultural leisure zone."

This is not a phrase most people would spare for, say, Darling Harbour. The Sydney commissioners had the power only to suggest improvements. The biggest problem with their plan, town planners say, was that it wasn't properly implemented.

Dr Glen Searle, the director of the planning program at the University of Technology, Sydney, said: "It's a pity those plans didn't happen in the way they created Paris, slicing grand boulevards through the old city. The ideas were good and the usual things stopped it."

It was a wonder the 1909 plan, hamstrung by political impasses, limited resources, two world wars and the Depression, was implemented at all. The commissioners proposed the underground city circle railway, an under-harbour tunnel to the north shore (the Bridge still was decades away), a competition for Central Station and broadening the likes of Anzac Parade and Oxford and William streets. Much was ignored. What went wrong?

Some argue Sydney is guilty of complacently trading on its natural assets. "Melbourne tries harder because it's got to," architect Bob Meyer said.

Planning in Sydney has long been beset by politics. "You've got a real tension between Macquarie Street and Town Hall in the central city," professor Freestone said.

John Mant, the veteran Sydney urban planner, is scathing. "The planning regimes over the years have been far too concerned with the business of approving developments, rather than planning for a good city," he said.

Poor planning has meant the inner and eastern suburbs have access to far better public amenities than the outer suburbs. Unchecked housing design has made beautiful waterways ugly. Developers hold too much sway. The planning apparatus - with bureaucratic silos fighting each other and separate ministers for roads, transport and planning - created systemic incompetence, he said.

City of Sydney councillor John McInerney, a former city planner, admits there have been mistakes. "The biggest … was to give in to the motor car [after World War II] and give up on the commissioners' core concept of public transport," he said, citing the Cahill Expressway and the Western Distributor, and the council's sell-off of small CBD laneways in the 1970s to developers for office towers.

There have been urban planning wins. Mr Meyer, from Cox Architects, cited public access to much of the harbour foreshores, the green belt and the 1968 urban plan's creation of corridors of development along train lines rather than freeways.

Despite traffic gridlock, transport chaos and white elephants such as Homebush, Cr McInerney thinks planning is finally on the right track "for a new type of Sydney, more related to pedestrians, bikes and public transport."

"We're almost going back to the 1900s again."

If you've read this far, you deserve a laugh )


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