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Front and Back

Come back, thunder & rain... we miss you

It's been an unseasonably warm & dry Winter down here. When it has rained, it's been showers at most. And this morning was a hot August morning (not to mention a Hot August Night). This does not auger well for Summer...

Not that I've seen much of the weather, except for the very early morning, then the evening. I've been doing 6 day weeks to cover for a staff member whose wife is seriously ill, so I've been in the Showroom a lot, but am still on the road a bit traipsing around places in various stages of construction, demolition & decay, with my trusty laser measurer & dodgy drawing skills, helping convince people that, if you're going to blow your building budget, you may as well do it with style...
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Godabbit... I hade habbing a code. Ezbeshly a hedd code. Id stubs me ub ad all I wad do do iz sleeb

Trouble is, it's a busy week at work & I can't. What a hero... Before you lecture me about spreading my infectious misery, I've been working mostly alone the last few days, so the only things I've possibly infected are carpet & timber samples

A day off today - scheduled, not a sick day, but fortuitously timed, as it's been the day where the stuffed headedness has reached its zenith... I hope. That way, it's all downhill from here. Or at least, a lot of coughing & the return of my sexy, deep-voice Barry White impression as the sore throat kicks in & my vocal register plummets 2 octaves Brigg id on!!

Even the cats aren't sure what to make of this shuffling, sniffling shambles...

Cat In The Box
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The reason I've been so quiet, Journal-wise, the last few weeks. These guys (girls, actually) are about 9 months old - the equivalent of teenagers &, just like the human version - they keep Dad on the go...
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Over Fitzroy Falls

Fitzroy Fallen

A good week at work, on the whole, though I'm feeling strangely uneasy... No real reason why, after all, I brought in over $30,000 worth of sales this week, but feel kind of joyless about it. Perhaps it's that we're in the 'limbo' stage of the proposed move to new, bigger, brighter premises - where we have to wait for other people to do their bits, after the frenetic rush we had to find the location, plan its acquisition, then plot the layout & look of the place, now we wait for solicitors, designers, builders, installers... strata title committees. All the mundane stuff that has to be done. Meanwhile at our original location, the relationship with the soon-to-be-former business partner continues to spiral generally downwards, but with some eccentric twists. A very strange man...

A quiet week on the home front - some catch-up dinners with family & friends, but life hasn't changed dramatically in the first week of Decade VI. Nor do I expect it to... That's usually when something happens


Jun. 7th, 2017 10:18 am
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To me...

Having finally managed to download some photos from last week's little roadtrip & run them through a new Photoshop program, here are two of them...


Rosella Reflection

Mid May...

May. 16th, 2017 05:50 pm
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Been busy... but not a lot to say about any of it. Hence - no entry for a while

But, I thought I'd better justify this whole Journal thing, by posting something at least. So here I am

Winter is just about here & the days are getting shorter. Well okay, the day isn't but the daylight certainly is, So I've been rising with the dawn, courtesy of my Call Of The Wild alarm clock - which is the sound of two hungry butcherbirds arriving in the back yard. I don't think I've seen the dawn this consistently since... No, I don't think I've ever seen the dawn this consistently... I don't get home from work 'til after sunset & we've actually been quite social this month - birthdays, Mothers Days & just general catch-ups with people

Stickybeaks II

Not Butcherbirds...

More news...soon
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Front 26.04.17

The back of the front

Not much to report, just felt like sharing a photo... I really need a road-trip, so I can get out & take some new photos. The shorter daylight hours & my longer working hours have curtailed that activity lately. OBluV8 sits quietly, patiently, longingly in the driveway... waiting. Sometimes I sit there with him - dreaming of other roads

We haven't been looking after any kittens either, so nothing cute to chase around with a camera
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Milford Sound III

Milford Sound

Well, I don't live in New Zealand, so I can't be homesick... But I've been going through the photos we took during our visit to New Zealand's South Island & wishing I was there. Though, apparently, the Maori didn't settle at Milford Sound/Piopiotahi, as the place gets infested by sandflies in the Summer

I'd love to get back there someday though. And, as we Australians say...
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Eye Of The Magpie

One of about 6 magpies who frequent the back yard... having worked out the butcher birds feeding schedule

Nothing much to report from the last few days, except to say that the new tabasco-marinated KFC is not for the faint-hearted - both during dinner & the hours following

As the saying goes - Sometimes I sits & thinks. Other times, I just sits

And sometimes I question my lifestyle choices...
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We've been foster-caring for 2 kittens this last week. A colleague of our neighbour volunteers with a Vet surgery & she tries to find homes for all the strays of all sizes brought in, or found. As always, people forget that animals are for life, not for Christmas

Mr Ed
Mr Ed

How quickly I'd forgotten too... about the perpetual motion, the hyper-vigilance, the kitty litter everywhere, the stuff that should be in the kitty litter everywhere, the early mornings, the inability to do much else when they fall asleep on you

We also learned that we're probably not ready for new cats yet... Layla & EmmyLou's loss is still too close. I returned Mr Ed & his sister April (no photo - she never stayed still enough!) to their 'Mother' this morning & got a glimpse of what our future could be, if we follow through on the dream of retiring to the country & keeping animals - a house full of cats has a particular aroma...
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I wasn't going to do this... I was just going to stay on LiveJournal & see what happens

What happened is a lot of news about changes to the rules, changes to operating under Russian law & then examples of what Russian law means to people - especially people in Chechnya. And I don't believe I can support that - even in a small, petty way such as continuing to use a service that will now be contributing monetarily to State-sanctioned pogroms, violence & 'cleansing'

We think we've come so far... We haven't

So, here I am on Dreamwidth. Same username, new icons... same views, same photos... So, if you're looking for me, I've gone this way:-

This Way

Of course, I realise the inherent contradiction that cross-posting to LJ means I'm still using their service... but unlike some people who use the jump to Dreamwidth as an excuse to cull their Friends List, I have a lot of friends on LJ & still want to see what they're up to!!

And I'm not concerned about the Russian Secret Service kicking down my door. I mean, they may be out to get me, but I'm not paranoid!! So rantings about global politics, the stupidity & hypocrisy of World Leaders... & anything that just gets my goat, will continue to be posted here

And as for the kind of uselessness of this... well, what else can I do - I don't drink vodka, so I can't boycott that... I'm married, so don't really require the purchased services of 'Hot Russian Girls' & I really like the films of Timur Bekmambetov
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This one is painful for Australians... & New Zealanders. John was a brilliant satirist, writer & performer who came to trans-Tasman attention back in the 70s with his character Fred Dagg, whose monologues exposed the absurdity & whimsy of everyday life

For the last 27 years or so, he worked with Brian Dawe on a weekly 3 minute sketch skewering whatever news had come to light that week. Here's how they saw the Mexican Gulf oil spill a few years back

I recommend you spend 30 minutes or so watching some of the others. A lot of it is Australia-centric, but the politics & machinations are universal... Miss you already Mr Clarke. Loved your work

And now... a photo to play with your brain a little. Just wiggle your screen up & down a bit. No... with your mouse!!!!

Circles & Rings
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Moon 7th April 2017

Shot, Photoshopped (the frame) & posted to Flickr all within 20 minutes... gotta love the digital age...
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End of the first week in the new job. I've already been out to a few site inspections & measures & feel a lot better about it - sure beats standing around in a showroom all day - even the one I turned up to in the rain, only to find the client had cancelled 3 days earlier... or so she said - she was a few sausages short of a barbecue, I thought

So my weekend begins & it looks like being another damp one. My plan for the next two days then? Just hang around...

Flying Fox II
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My only day off this week... & there is stuff to take care of

Car dropped off at Service Centre - check
Latest battle with cable TV provider over billing charges - check
Find repair location for Sony subwoofer that's mysteriously silent - check
New glasses to be picked up from Optometrist
Car to be collected from Service Centre

Out with the old job, in with the new yesterday. a quiet day, with not much really achieved or finalised - your typical first day in a new job, really... The Boss is back on Wednesday afternoon, so hopefully things will become a little better defined then... like roster, locations (we have 2 locations, where will I be?!) etc...

Oh... Hi

Photo - check


Mar. 22nd, 2017 07:29 pm
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Been battling a bit of a persistent cold this week... giving the abdominal muscles a bit of a workout & dropping my voice by about an octave. No headache or runny nose or anything else, just a cough that sounds like a backfiring lawn mower that won't start properly. So I sound a lot worse than I feel

Which has its advantages... I was sent home from work on Monday morning, which started my weekend a few hours early, allowing me to get a few chores done before the rain set in, including evicting the lost pigmy tribe living in the tall grass of the back yard. Don't know how many grass huts I mowed down. This made the local birdlife happy, as they almost immediately began pecking through the now shortened grass for slow, or stray, bugs & worms. No pigmies...

These are my last few days in the 'old' job, before starting the new one on Monday. No break - finishing on Sunday, starting on Monday. Not that we're desperate for money or anything, just that's the way it worked out. Maybe L-SP & I will try to have a little road-trip some time soon. Any direction but east

Taken a few cloud photos over the last week or so, but haven't done much with them...

Cloudy Day

Cloud City
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As promised... here's one of our Butcher Birds singin' in the rain

Singin' In The Rain

We've had a couple of dry days - especially over everyone else's weekend the other day(s), but the state is in for another week of soak, wash, rinse, repeat. And I'm still quite okay with that, even if the back yard lawn could be hiding a lost pigmy tribe somewhere in there. I suppose I'll find them when I eventually get out there with the mower

I accepted the new job offer in an old industry. Long-Suffering Partner & I crunched the numbers the other night &, even with a slight dip in expected salary, the move closer to home will save somewhere around $5000 annually in motorway tolls & petrol. A no-brainer? Just my kind of decision...

Now to write my resignation e-mail. The Boss is currently overseas, so I'm not sure what time of day he'll read it. Hopefully after a few vodkas...
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Sunset Surf

Or wave hello...
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... before we can claim rains of biblical proportions

Yes, pretty much from the day Summer ended, Autumn seems determined to wash away any memories of unbearable heat & humidity with a week's worth of rinse cycles. Am I complaining?? Not at all!!! Autumn is my favourite season of the year down here - the heat backs off, but it's not too cold, I feel more comfortable in my preferred attire (jeans, boots, long-sleeved shirt), both cars have had a decent wash, courtesy of Mother Nature, who has also been taking care of garden-watering duties with enthusiasm & the clouds provide great sunset photos:-


The only things that aren't enjoying the long bath are our two resident Butcherbirds. Doesn't stop them appearing regularly at the clothesline whenever they decide it's feeding time, but they're looking a little bedraggled. No photo of wet birds, sorry. But here's what they look like dry:-

Two Birds

No news or progress on the change-of-employment front. Things have been quiet on both sides. WaitingMan will wait & see... as usual

Still going through the photos from the USA trip last year, even though the Travel Diary is complete, plenty more shots are on my Flickr page & I have edited a few more into older entries of the Diary too. Like...:-

Through The Arches


Coming Home II

More news when there is some...
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Our last 2 days in the USA...

Two days in Los Angeles )


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