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The reason I've been so quiet, Journal-wise, the last few weeks. These guys (girls, actually) are about 9 months old - the equivalent of teenagers &, just like the human version - they keep Dad on the go...
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We've been foster-caring for 2 kittens this last week. A colleague of our neighbour volunteers with a Vet surgery & she tries to find homes for all the strays of all sizes brought in, or found. As always, people forget that animals are for life, not for Christmas

Mr Ed
Mr Ed

How quickly I'd forgotten too... about the perpetual motion, the hyper-vigilance, the kitty litter everywhere, the stuff that should be in the kitty litter everywhere, the early mornings, the inability to do much else when they fall asleep on you

We also learned that we're probably not ready for new cats yet... Layla & EmmyLou's loss is still too close. I returned Mr Ed & his sister April (no photo - she never stayed still enough!) to their 'Mother' this morning & got a glimpse of what our future could be, if we follow through on the dream of retiring to the country & keeping animals - a house full of cats has a particular aroma...
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Sisters Forever

Together again...

Layla passed this morning. Her leukaemia returned strongly & there was nothing anyone could do - even her, the little fighter

She's with her sister EmmyLou again... they were always best friends

Cry Wolf?

Nov. 13th, 2016 10:25 pm
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Layla has taken a turn for the worse... her breathing is rapid & shallow & she's extremely lethargic. These are the symptoms she had when she was diagnosed with leukaemia & we nearly lost her

We increased her Prednisone dosage last night, but so far, there's been no improvement. I'll be calling her Vet in the morning to bring him up to date & see what, if anything, can be done. If the steroids aren't working any more, I don't know that there's anything else...

I'm writing this so I can look back on it soon & laugh to myself that it was a false alarm & there was nothing to worry about. I hope I'm right
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The Count

Ever feel like you're just killing time, in between events & waiting for the next thing to happen in a few days, weeks, months...

My life is like that all the time. Well - parts of it are... at different times. At this moment, my professional life is suspended, unable to really progress because we're spending the majority of October in the USA (L.A. to Colorado via the north rim of the Grand Canyon, then Colorado through Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Las Vegas, Death Valley, the top of Yosemite, San Francisco, Big Sur, Carmel & back to L.A.). We have friends to catch up with, friends to road-trip with & cowboy boots to buy (If you are in any of the above areas between the 4th & the 28th of October, you know how to find me...). So there's not much I can achieve in the way of applications, interviews etc... I did land a job as a 'Mystery Shopper' which means I get to evaluate other salespeople's abilities, techniques & degree of slavery to KPIs. I've been mystery-shopped in the past & know it can be a pain when you get the report back from your Boss, so I'm caught between being brutally effective, or giving the benefit of the doubt from a sense of camaraderie. Your god knows I've been on the receiving end of some appalling service, so if that happens, I'll let rip, but otherwise, I'm inclined to compromise within the myriad grey areas retail sales can provide

The loungeroom is covered in suitcases & piles of stuff, amongst the usual detritus any kitten owner is used to... We are on a mission to eat as much perishable food from the cupboards & fridge as possible... not helped by the last-minute round of catch-up dinners we're trying to fit in before we go. Everybody has a shopping list they want to share with us over a meal...

Layla's prognosis is good for now, which is one less thing to obsess over while I'm away. She's down to half a tablet per day, with the option of twice a day if lethargy & pallidity reclaim their dominance. Our cat-sitting neighbours are under instruction to make the best decisions 'for the cat' while we're away... but it tentatively looks like it won't come to anything so dramatic

Fingers, legs & eyes crossed
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Layla visited the vet on Tuesday afternoon, after about 2 weeks on Prednisone. In that time, her appetite has improved, she's a lot more active & her gums, nose & toes have regained some pink colour. The vet was pleased with her progress, but she's likely to be on the Prednisone for quite some time... though we'll play around with the dosage amount to see what happens. He took another blood sample from her & I'll hopefully hear more about that today

But for now... it seems we shouldn't write off the last survivor of her family just yet
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The god of small creatures really had it in for Layla & her siblings... & mother

Having seemingly avoided developing Feline Peritonitis, which carried off the rest of her family, Layla has been diagnosed with leukaemia - her red blood cell count is incredibly low, her breathing is shallow & her heart-rate is elevated. She's on Prednisone for the next 10 days to see how (if) she'll respond

Layla On The Bench

Fingers, legs, eyes crossed we get a miracle this time. We're overdue for one
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Pictures of cats... that's the key to internet stardom

Layla x 2

So here are 2 shots of Layla - taken during one of her escapes out into the real world - or at least the back yard part of it. We live near a National Park where they completed a successful fox eradication program a couple of years ago, with the result being an increase in the numbers of native animals like scrub turkeys, possums & bandicoots... who all now roam the streets & gardens near the Park. Including mine. Which is all good & fine, but bandicoots are tick carriers - they somehow aren't too bothered by them & are unconcerned taxirides for the little bloodsucking bastards. With Layla being under a year old, there isn't a decent tick-killing medication for her, so she's not really allowed out. But boy oh boy is she fast when a door is opened by the unwary or unready
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... Remember me?

Been thinking about posting again - like a lot of erstwhile LJ people do, I'm sure, but have finally put fingers to keyboard today, mostly because of this article which probably had loftier aims than simply getting people to 'blog again, but you have to start somewhere, before you leap off the grid entirely to devote yourself to... music, photography, world domination... whatever your 99% project is

Another reason it can be hard to sit down & write:

Breakfast Time?

Layla... my most common view of her. Since becoming an only cat, following the death of her sister, she's... well, not exactly clingy, but very fond of climbing onto me, finding a comfortable spot & going to sleep. Which usually renders one or both of my arms inoperable for anything much beyond stroking her. Especially when I'm sitting at the computer. All part of her masterplan - cutting me off from the outside world so that I remain under her 4 thumbs, only to adore her... & feed her

She's also loving the fact that, yet again, I've been made redundant, so have a lot of free time to be sat on... regardless of whether I'm trying to write an application letter or not. How she'll feel when the money finally runs out, followed by the food, is pretty clear - there'll be one last WaitingMan-sized banquet, then she'll find her way out the door into the world

Redundant - surplus to requirements, un-needed, unnecessary, unsuitable. Having this happen 3 times in almost as many years makes you wonder about reasons - beyond the glib excuse of an unstable industry. After all, the common factor in all of these 'redundancies' has been me. On more than one accasion I've been told that, as a Salesperson, I'm not "aggressive enough", or in other words, I don't railroad people into buying what I want to sell them, I try to find out what they want or need. And that can sometimes take time. More time than the modern sales environment will allow. Apparently. The truth seems to be that, despite many companies claiming to be all about customer service, the reality is that we... 'they' want to fast-track you into a prepackaged box & have you pay for it within 5 minutes of walking through the door. Salespeople just don't have the time to sell any more... it seems

I've been called an 'Old School' Salesperson. I used to think it was a compliment, before 3 redundancies made me realise it's a criticism. Funny... my clients always seemed to be happy. Problem being that I had fewer of them than was desired, regardless of how satisfied they are

So, I've been looking at other things I can do (apart from taking photos & playing music) with all the peripheral skills one picks up over the years. Unfortunately, most of them seem to point in a direction I've been reluctant to go since arriving at the University of Sydney in 1985... Teaching. I've never had the desire, nor believed I have the temperament, to stand in front of a bunch of people & try to inspire & impart knowledge, facts & processes to them. Especially to children, with whom I've never had any empathy - even when I was one

Even so... why is it, when you're out of work & wanting to re-train & try a new track, that courses are so damned expensive??!! I visited the website of a reputable business training institution & was knocked dollar-&-centsless by the cost of a certificate course in corporate training. My severance package wasn't even going to cover the fees, let alone the time required to complete the course whilst not working

If you ever think that nobody cares if you live or die... try missing a couple of payments

We're okay though... Layla won't be having that Grande Bouffe any time soon. Long-suffering Partner is still gainfully employed at the coalface, occasionally thinking about how her pickaxe could be better used hacking at softer tissues than materials that only profit others

Oh to be free as a bird...

The Return Of Bruce?
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Goodbye EmmyLou

Taken from us too soon... at 6 months old, only 2 months after she came to us

Feline Infectious Peritonitis - a relatively rare, but always fatal disease, took not only EmmyLou, but also her mother &, to date, 4 of her siblings from the same litter

Her sister Layla, shows no signs of the disease, so far... though it can present at any time in a cat that's infected - even months later, so the odds are against her

It's not been a great year for our animals...

Moving On

Nov. 8th, 2015 04:51 pm
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Moving House

Found under the kookaburra nesting box this morning... the reason why there were strange noises coming from there overnight

All has settled down here, somewhat. My new-ish job keeps me busy & out of the house for most of the day (& parts of the evening), but I have two weeks off over Christmas/New Year, which will mostly be spent looking after this guy

After which, I'll go back to work for a rest !!

Pretty much done with 2015 - not a great year all round:- Losses, traumas, drama. But we're still here, still smiling... sometimes ruefully, sometimes genuinely. 2016 promises to be better, but don't they all??!!


Oct. 11th, 2015 10:25 pm
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This Way & That

Whatever small-minded, vicious, vindictive, petty, pathetic, tiny-minded god is in charge of this planet & its proceedings... Cut it out you f@^king bastard!!!!!

First my Father... which I could just about get a handle on, but then this blameless, harmless, loveable, absolute bonus to my life

This is what makes so many of us Atheists at best


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