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mmmmfff... Good Morning

In an event that's surely rarer than a blue moon these days, I have 2 days off in a row. What's more, my weekend actually lines up with the 'real' weekend. In the world of Sales, this never happens...

The last 4-6 weeks have been 6 day marathons, including one week that went for 10 days. We've been moving premises, with all the usual angst that goes with it - breakdown of relationships & communication with former colleagues, trying to schedule electrical work with floor preparation, painters, organising new signage, dealing with the local council & their regulations & required certificates, designers, consultants, building managers, property managers, project managers... it seems anyone can call themselves a 'manager' these days, if they have a small office & a big attitude

In the middle of all that, we managed to back our removal truck into a protruding fire sprinkler, causing flooding of 3 levels of car park - but that was mostly because the building 'manager' didn't know where the shut-off valve was, so the water continued gushing for 45 minutes... after its initial burst that covered me in less-than-pristine cold water. The incident is in dispute, as there was no height warning, no labelling or protection around the sprinkler & no adequate drainage for the resulting river

Despite all that, we've managed to set up, open the doors & even start making money... with no desk or counter, incomplete lighting, dust everywhere & electrical wiring still sticking out of places where power points should be. Sshh - don't tell the Council !!

Long-Suffering Partner & I are undecided about our weekend. There are so many things we could go out & do together - people to go, places to see. Or we could enjoy a couple of quiet, lazy days together

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Godabbit... I hade habbing a code. Ezbeshly a hedd code. Id stubs me ub ad all I wad do do iz sleeb

Trouble is, it's a busy week at work & I can't. What a hero... Before you lecture me about spreading my infectious misery, I've been working mostly alone the last few days, so the only things I've possibly infected are carpet & timber samples

A day off today - scheduled, not a sick day, but fortuitously timed, as it's been the day where the stuffed headedness has reached its zenith... I hope. That way, it's all downhill from here. Or at least, a lot of coughing & the return of my sexy, deep-voice Barry White impression as the sore throat kicks in & my vocal register plummets 2 octaves Brigg id on!!

Even the cats aren't sure what to make of this shuffling, sniffling shambles...

Cat In The Box


Jul. 14th, 2017 07:52 am
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Just found out yesterday that Bruce Barry died in May this year... Many Australians of a certain age will remember him for his acting roles on TV & in movies from the 60s & 70s

I'll remember him as a funny, warm, caring man who I knew for only a few, short years, but will always think of that time with laughter & great fondness


Jun. 20th, 2017 06:57 pm
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June 20th...

I had to be reminded by L-SP that today is the 2nd anniversary of my Father's death. To be fair, she reminded me of that a week ago, but I don't really attach a lot of importance to the actual day, or date - the event is forever in my memory, as is Father, so remembering the day itself is not really a priority, or necessity for me

It certainly seems to be for my Sister though, as she's been an increasing wreck as the date approaches & was vocal in her wish to gather the immediate family (all 3 of us) at the local RSL Club to commemorate Father's passing. Something I vetoed profanically (is that a word? It is now!!) when L-SP told me, then emphatically in conversation with my Sister. My Mother was in my corner, not wishing to keep carrying a heavy ghost around... but who knows? His birthday & Fathers Day - certainly... A discreet toast at Christmas - probably... but to remind ourselves annually of a bloody awful day & for my Mother & I to recall the sight of his lifeless body? No fucking way!!!

Unfortunately, the perfect excuse for not holding such a vigil arrived last week, with the unexpected death of a friend. His funeral was held today - June 20th. His wife is a long-ago former flame of mine, with whom L-SP & I have kept in friendly contact, helped along by the fact that Ken was a lovely man & I can only wish that they'd had many more happy decades together

So, a funeral for a friend on a day that was never going to be sunshine & rainbows to begin with... Somewhere up there, is a petty, vindictive, little shit of a god

I've visited & spoken with my Mother today & we raised a glass to Father. I've been down in his old workshop, which still has a lot of his stuff... & himself in it & raised another glass to him. I've poured a third for Ken & may have a fourth to introduce him to Father - I'm sure they'd have got along like a house on fire - yelling, screaming, destruction of property & the authorities being called to the scene famously... My kind of guys
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... of my 5th decade

I'm not feeling old, not feeling nostalgic, not pining for younger days, nor wishing that I knew then what I know now... & all that sort of pointless what-iffery

But it has been an eventful decade in many ways... I had to consult my Journal from 2007 to see where I was at the time. Having got my bearings, here goes

10 Years In An Open-Necked Shirt )
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About a week's supply there, I'd say...

After three years of threatening, then about a month of real planning, my Long-Suffering Partner wrangled my slightly-early birthday party last night, at the wonderful (and wonderfully named) 'Friend In Hand' hotel. Speeches, embarrassing slide shows complete with naked baby photos, strictly amateur hour Karaoke & the realisation that, not only do I have a lot of wonderful friends, but that they come from such a wide variety of backgrounds, situations & histories. And somehow... they all mingled!! Having been to so many parties where the only people I knew were the host, or the person I arrived with, then spending a lot of time either on my own, or looking for a dog or cat to talk to, it was wonderful to see so many diverse conglomerates form & morph throughout the room & the night

Thanks to all of them for helping me grow old disgracefully!!

Mid May...

May. 16th, 2017 05:50 pm
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Been busy... but not a lot to say about any of it. Hence - no entry for a while

But, I thought I'd better justify this whole Journal thing, by posting something at least. So here I am

Winter is just about here & the days are getting shorter. Well okay, the day isn't but the daylight certainly is, So I've been rising with the dawn, courtesy of my Call Of The Wild alarm clock - which is the sound of two hungry butcherbirds arriving in the back yard. I don't think I've seen the dawn this consistently since... No, I don't think I've ever seen the dawn this consistently... I don't get home from work 'til after sunset & we've actually been quite social this month - birthdays, Mothers Days & just general catch-ups with people

Stickybeaks II

Not Butcherbirds...

More news...soon
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Front 26.04.17

The back of the front

Not much to report, just felt like sharing a photo... I really need a road-trip, so I can get out & take some new photos. The shorter daylight hours & my longer working hours have curtailed that activity lately. OBluV8 sits quietly, patiently, longingly in the driveway... waiting. Sometimes I sit there with him - dreaming of other roads

We haven't been looking after any kittens either, so nothing cute to chase around with a camera
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Friday night... for me, anyway

Not a productive week at work, monetarily at least, but a busy one for me - site inspections, measures, estimations, plan drawing, follow-ups on older jobs, visiting potential new premises, ghost-writing e-mails & quotes for the Boss & other staff... but most of the walk-in clientele I spoke with were a complete WOFTAM

I did talk with a lady this afternoon about her newly-purchased terrace house in the eastern suburbs, that she wanted to put timber flooring in & it became apparent that she knew quite a lot about flooring & installation. Only after I'd worked out a quote for her & taken her details to e-mail a proper document, did I twig that she's the Urban Planning & Architecture writer for the Sydney Morning Herald, sits on numerous planning committees & is a consulting architect for a few others... I thought her name was familiar!!

So, no pressure

The only disheartening thing about our meeting, was discovering that she'd dropped my business card on the floor on the way out of the Showroom. I'd like to hope it wasn't on purpose... but time (& hopefully, her credit card payment) will tell...

Something fishy...

Head To Tail
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Eye Of The Magpie

One of about 6 magpies who frequent the back yard... having worked out the butcher birds feeding schedule

Nothing much to report from the last few days, except to say that the new tabasco-marinated KFC is not for the faint-hearted - both during dinner & the hours following

As the saying goes - Sometimes I sits & thinks. Other times, I just sits

And sometimes I question my lifestyle choices...
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I work with quite a few Muslim people in my new job...

And you know what? All of them are just like me, really - they all have a fairly ambivalent view of god & pretty much reject the religion they've been raised in as being outdated, largely irrelevant in modern society &, at worst, just an excuse for a fight

I've had a couple of current affairs conversations with them & they're just as despairing of the way things are & how they look to be going as I am. The thing that truly unites us is we agree that, if the world is determined to blow itself up, then Australia's a good place to be

They're all younger than me, so I haven't mentioned 'On The Beach' to them... it's not my place to disappoint the young & optimistic... this time

Can't we just organise a big no-holds-barred wrestling cage match all-in brawl? Donald, Vlad, Kim, Khameini, Erdogan, Assad & various unnamed extremists from all sides. All in spandex trunks, of course

We could have lots of cameras there, so they think it's being broadcast to the world, when in fact it will only be on a CCTV closed feed, with just the screens inside the empty stadium showing the 'action'. They can posture, proclaim, proselytise & pomp around to their hearts content, while they attack each other with every WWE cliché from the last 30 years...

Until just one of them staggers outside, to be met by a firing squad made up of war widows, orphans & the disabled...

Problem is, I think we'd need to have one of these events every few years or so. For a couple of generations at least...
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I wasn't going to do this... I was just going to stay on LiveJournal & see what happens

What happened is a lot of news about changes to the rules, changes to operating under Russian law & then examples of what Russian law means to people - especially people in Chechnya. And I don't believe I can support that - even in a small, petty way such as continuing to use a service that will now be contributing monetarily to State-sanctioned pogroms, violence & 'cleansing'

We think we've come so far... We haven't

So, here I am on Dreamwidth. Same username, new icons... same views, same photos... So, if you're looking for me, I've gone this way:-

This Way

Of course, I realise the inherent contradiction that cross-posting to LJ means I'm still using their service... but unlike some people who use the jump to Dreamwidth as an excuse to cull their Friends List, I have a lot of friends on LJ & still want to see what they're up to!!

And I'm not concerned about the Russian Secret Service kicking down my door. I mean, they may be out to get me, but I'm not paranoid!! So rantings about global politics, the stupidity & hypocrisy of World Leaders... & anything that just gets my goat, will continue to be posted here

And as for the kind of uselessness of this... well, what else can I do - I don't drink vodka, so I can't boycott that... I'm married, so don't really require the purchased services of 'Hot Russian Girls' & I really like the films of Timur Bekmambetov
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Out & about for the new job yesterday - doing a site inspection & measure in the beachside suburb of Coogee. First one I've done for about 9 months & was worried that I'd miss something, being out of practice... but it's uncanny how it all comes back to you & before too long I was pointing lasers, scribbling measurements & going through options with the client involving more or less destruction of her property depending on what she wanted the end result to be

Coogee by the beach on a sunny Saturday afternoon is not the easiest place to find a parking spot - especially anywhere near the building I had to visit. Especially not when I was in OBluV8, my beloved V8 Ford, which is not a small car. On my 2nd lap of the block, I found a spot only a reasonable distance away, so away I went. Returning to OBluV8 afterwards, I SMSed some details back to the office, then started the car... Cough... splutter... vroom... cough... silence

Okay then. turn off ignition, wait 5 seconds, turn the key... click... click... click... nothing

OBluV8 was doing his best Big Hero 6 impersonation - "Looow Baattterrryyy" How did I feel? Like this, really:-

Alone, trapped within walking distance of one of Sydney's popular beaches on a sunny day. Oh dear, poor, poor, pitiful me... Fortunately, we have Roadside Assist through our insurance & they arrived about half an hour later & agreed that the battery was not only low, but pretty much empty. To supply & fit a new one? $200

I need to sell more stuff, so the commission starts flowing in... Anyone need a new floor??!!
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My only day off this week... & there is stuff to take care of

Car dropped off at Service Centre - check
Latest battle with cable TV provider over billing charges - check
Find repair location for Sony subwoofer that's mysteriously silent - check
New glasses to be picked up from Optometrist
Car to be collected from Service Centre

Out with the old job, in with the new yesterday. a quiet day, with not much really achieved or finalised - your typical first day in a new job, really... The Boss is back on Wednesday afternoon, so hopefully things will become a little better defined then... like roster, locations (we have 2 locations, where will I be?!) etc...

Oh... Hi

Photo - check


Mar. 22nd, 2017 07:29 pm
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Been battling a bit of a persistent cold this week... giving the abdominal muscles a bit of a workout & dropping my voice by about an octave. No headache or runny nose or anything else, just a cough that sounds like a backfiring lawn mower that won't start properly. So I sound a lot worse than I feel

Which has its advantages... I was sent home from work on Monday morning, which started my weekend a few hours early, allowing me to get a few chores done before the rain set in, including evicting the lost pigmy tribe living in the tall grass of the back yard. Don't know how many grass huts I mowed down. This made the local birdlife happy, as they almost immediately began pecking through the now shortened grass for slow, or stray, bugs & worms. No pigmies...

These are my last few days in the 'old' job, before starting the new one on Monday. No break - finishing on Sunday, starting on Monday. Not that we're desperate for money or anything, just that's the way it worked out. Maybe L-SP & I will try to have a little road-trip some time soon. Any direction but east

Taken a few cloud photos over the last week or so, but haven't done much with them...

Cloudy Day

Cloud City
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... before we can claim rains of biblical proportions

Yes, pretty much from the day Summer ended, Autumn seems determined to wash away any memories of unbearable heat & humidity with a week's worth of rinse cycles. Am I complaining?? Not at all!!! Autumn is my favourite season of the year down here - the heat backs off, but it's not too cold, I feel more comfortable in my preferred attire (jeans, boots, long-sleeved shirt), both cars have had a decent wash, courtesy of Mother Nature, who has also been taking care of garden-watering duties with enthusiasm & the clouds provide great sunset photos:-


The only things that aren't enjoying the long bath are our two resident Butcherbirds. Doesn't stop them appearing regularly at the clothesline whenever they decide it's feeding time, but they're looking a little bedraggled. No photo of wet birds, sorry. But here's what they look like dry:-

Two Birds

No news or progress on the change-of-employment front. Things have been quiet on both sides. WaitingMan will wait & see... as usual

Still going through the photos from the USA trip last year, even though the Travel Diary is complete, plenty more shots are on my Flickr page & I have edited a few more into older entries of the Diary too. Like...:-

Through The Arches


Coming Home II

More news when there is some...
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Sometimes life just lines you up with things & does its best to knock you over

Actually, today wasn't that dramatic... just filled with too much stuff. First - to the optometrist, where I had my eyes tested thoroughly & now need to go upgrade my glasses. It's a slippery slope once you start wearing the darn things & subtly rely on them more & more

Then to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned & a second opinion on my wisdom teeth. Last year's dentist told me I should have the 2 bottom wisdom teeth taken out as soon as possible & was slightly miffed that I hadn't felt any discomfort from them & was therefore reluctant to book myself in for a couple of thousand dollars worth of surgery immediately... This year's model affirmed that the 2 teeth would be a problem - just not quite yet. Basically, when I start to feel any pressure or pain (it's a fine line between them), then it'll be time to book surgery. I have a friend who knows some people who know some people who can help with all that at the time without completely bankrupting us. But for now - wisdom remains within

I had forgotten about the squealing, screeching noise the hygienist's tools make against your teeth...

Afterwards, off to an informal chat with the owner of a flooring company, who had contacted me last week. I'd been recommended by a former employer - one who'd made me redundant, so I was a bit curious about it all. Did he recommend me because he thought I was good? In which case, why make me redundant in the first place?? Or was he recommending me because he doesn't think much of this other company??? How little does he think of me, or how much does he dislike me????

Am I overthinking this...

Anyway, I met with the owner & his off-sider & their offer is attractive. The location is closer to home than my current job - which was only ever meant to be a means to an end anyway. But with 2 people at my workplace taking holidays in March, I'm reluctant to leave them in the lurch by abandoning ship. I wonder/hope my prospective new employer might understand & maybe even appreciate both my predicament & professionalism. We shall see

A quiet evening at home then, nursing tender teeth, a slight headache & too much to think...
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Try living in a Death State...

Eastern Australia is in the middle of quite a heatwave right now... Flame on!!

Temperatures reached 46C (115F) in western Sydney today - where I work. Okay, the building's air-conditioning made that bearable, but man... the drive home...

There's a south-easterly wind change due some time this evening, which will bring the wind in from the Southern Pacific Ocean. I hope it's blowing all the way from Antarctica. It's times like this I wish we had a bathtub with a shower head over it. Not only could I lie in cold water with more falling on me, but I could pretend I'm the Captain of a submarine that's been hit... (Thank you Steven Wright!!)
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Hello Reader... it's my Saturday. How's your Tuesday going?

For my USAmerican friends, no Australia doesn't hate you for the way your President carried on about our Prime Minister. It's actually made our guy look a little better in the eyes of his nation - something he's been having some trouble with for a while now. He's probably wondering what to argue about next time he calls...

We are still a little shocked & incredulous that the Donald was allowed to get this far, but understand that's more to do with your, frankly incomprehensible, political system than your individual voting choice. And if the last guy to take a pop at a President only did it to impress Jodie Foster, surely you can find someone to do the job for a date with Beyoncé... or a Kardashian

Then there would only be that pesky Pence to worry about - & I'm sure he can be controlled more easily

Down here in Sydney, it's been hot. And humid. And hot. And everyone's gone back to work & school now, which means there's a lot of traffic around on our thoroughfares - which are mostly in a state of upheaval & disrepair due to some major construction works going on everywhere... at the same time. Which means a lot of sitting in overheating cars. Which means you can't use your air-conditioning for fear of melting your engine & making a bad traffic situation worse. Did I mention it's been hot?

Local Warming & First World problems aside (Hey... we're still allowed to have problems!!), it's pretty quiet 'round here. Other than a fairly rowdy, but entertaining, Chinese New Year's Day family dinner which finished at some ungodly hour (making going to work the next day such a joy...), the routine of eat, work, eat, watch a few episodes of 'Justified', sleep, repeat... goes on

Oh... & I did get to see one of only a few shows around the world that the David Bowie Celebration Band did... here at the Sydney Opera House last week. Past members of Bowie's studio & touring bands came together with some local heroes to blast through 3 hours worth of his best work. As a guitarist, it was a little piece of hog heaven when you had Earl Slick, Adrian Belew, Jerry Leonard & local boy Chris Cheney making the Concert Hall roof rattle a little

Guitar Frenzy
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Good Morning Reader...

The spirit is willing to update more often than once a week, but the flesh (& the clock... & the calendar) seem to have different ideas

During my working week of Thursday to Monday, I'm out of the house from 7.30am to around 6.30pm. As previously mentioned, this doesn't even leave a lot of quality time for Long-Suffering Partner & I, let alone time to keep you, dear Reader, up to date. And if we have friends/family to catch up with on Friday, Saturday or Sunday evenings, as is often the case - given the rest of the world's 'normal' schedule, then that makes for a looong day indeed

Work has been okay... albeit not as busy as my colleagues say it should be during January Sale month. I've proven to them that I mostly know what I'm talking about when extolling the virtues of hardwood timber furniture & modular lounge suites. I've proven I can sell the things & now would like the opportunity to show that I can sell a lot of these things when prices & store traffic allows. Which, so far this month, they haven't. Worrying - especially for someone who's been little more than an itinerant worker these last few years & wants to stop looking over my shoulder for some management figure brandishing a severance cheque

Here at WaitingManor, we are halfway through our 6 month pet quarantine period - suggested by our Vet after the deaths of our 2 kittens last year. Apparently nasty things like FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) can linger for a while, in all the places young cats like to go... where vacuum cleaners & cleaning cloths struggle to reach. So, another 3 months to starve the horrible little microbes out, then we'll try again. Maybe. If our hearts & minds are up to it

Not an inspiring year with the camera so far... but it's only week 3. Here's another from last week's family excursion to the Hunter Valley Gardens...

Night Lights II
Thanks to Julia, who suggested the shot... & needs to update her own Flickr page...

And one from the seaside town of The Entrance, where the local pelicans are fed daily at 3.30pm. It's become the town's main claim to fame & tourist dollars, but the birds seem quite happy about it too...

Air Pelican II

For the reader of the Tour Diary, the next instalment sees us leaving Las Vegas. I know one reader will be glad to see the back of the place...


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