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Who wrote this stuff??!!

Neil Gaiman did...!!

We went to see him last night, as part of the Sydney writers Festival. He read extracts from his latest book & performed pieces with the criminally under-rated string quartet Fourplay

A wonderful writer, a captivating reader & he even sings... kind of...
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Nick Cave & (most of) the Bad Seeds - State Theatre, 14th December 2014
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Well, what a weekend

First week back at work after a mid-month hiatus, with a new employer, but the same kind of job & work... but enough of that - something far more important happened...

King Crimson Was Here... )
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Another productive day at work... this could become a habit

Back to Trivia tonight & I don't know if it's the venue, the crowd, or members of our own team... but it's the second time I've had a thumping headache by 8.30pm & can't wait to GTFO

Nurofen... Aspirin...
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Flew solo at work today... a quiet one & not much to report on that front

We will soon be a two-car household again, after financing came through for the Loved One's new small car. After her last car was written off by a neighbour in either a spectacular display of motoring incompetence, or a drunken stupid stupor... & after a less-than-satisfactory experience with a 1968 vintage VW Beetle, we're going with a 2013 Mazda 2, which we test-drove yesterday & the dealer made us an offer too hard to refuse, so we didn't

It was certainly a better choice than the Toyota Yaris ~ a car I've never been a fan of, from a Manufacturer I've also never been a fan of. The salesman at the Toyota place didn't do himself any favours either. Having been told that we were interested in the larger-engined model, with the extra features & that we'd like to drive one, he led us down into their garage & put me behind the wheel of the smaller-engined basic model, then climbed into the back seat & spent the whole ten-minute drive pointing out all the features this one didn't have that the model we wanted did have & that the larger engine wouldn't have had as much trouble with the hill I'd just driven up... So why exactly am I driving a car that I don't want & didn't ask for??!!

By contrast, the Mazda we drove was exactly what we wanted, felt better, drove better & was $5000 cheaper. It was, like the Toyota salesman, a no-brainer

We went to Brookvale Oval this evening to see our home team play terribly & lose... then had our usual Game of Thrones dinner & show in the usual good company

A busy week ahead ~ birthday dinners, music sessions, a formal dinner... Plenty of food for soul & stomach

Oh boy...
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By now, the Loved One & I should know better than to aim for the conventional... it never works out for us

On the other hand, when we have a mad or ill-conceived or relatively unplanned idea (like "Hey, let's drive across the USA with no booked accommodation!!) it all goes swimmingly

Therefore we should have known that arranging a special dinner-for-two to celebrate our Six Month Semi-Anniversary was never going to conform to expectations... We'd decided on a Spanish restaurant in town that we hadn't been to in a while, but retained fond memories of atmosphere & food quality. Firstly, parking was the usual nightmare, then the waiter showed us to a table behind a large group of large people with their chairs so far out I couldn't squeeze into my spot. So we moved to the back of the place, next to a pair of young women who were telling themselves & anyone in earshot (which was a number of us) that they were having a "Girls Night Out... Boo Ya!!"

It then took quite a while to attract a waiter's attention, but once we'd ordered, the food began arriving fairly quickly ~ including a garlic bread we hadn't asked for, but whatthehell... The first couple of courses were tasty, but it all fell apart when a wrong dish arrived & we were assured it was the right one. It wasn't. From there... well let's just say the pork belly was salty as hell, the garlic prawns made up in chilli what they lacked in tenderness & the idea of dessert was quickly quashed in favour of paying up & getting out

An attempt to visit a favoured Gelataria was thwarted by traffic & lack of parking, so ~ of all places ~ we wound up at our local RSL Club for cake & last drinks, accompanied by three different football games on the screens & all the attendant, well-lubricated fans. On a whim, we decided to visit the Poker Machine Lounge & 'gamble' some of the money we'd allocated to our special night...

And so, of course, this is where it all went right... walking away with a $25 profit on the evening. All down to the Loved One's skill with the 10 Credit button, but credit where it's due, I say.

On this evidence, maybe we'll celebrate our first year a day, week, or month late. Trust me... it'll be a better time

On The Run

May. 5th, 2013 10:42 pm
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Home late again on Saturday night Sunday morning... after an active night. More active for the Loved One than me... she did the 10km Nike She Runs through Centennial Park ~ a 'fun' run that started at 7pm & if you weren't across the line by 9pm... well, it's an awfully dark place once they turn the floodlights off

Fortunately TLO was back with time to spare, which was spent walking from the finish line to the Entertainment Quarter set up in the park with drink stalls "Healthy Grilled Burger" stalls, a punishingly loud PA which played far too much Rihanna for my liking (which is 'none at all')... so we walked out of the Park & back to OBluV8

A little later we met with friends at a city bar & before any of us knew it, midnight had come & gone, the hip-hop/r'n'b night our friends had planned to go to was probably almost over & the Loved One realised how tired a 10km run can make you

So a slower day today, catching up on domestic & commercial chores, then an evening catching up on various viewing pleasures
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I tired... I very tired

Having become used to working a mere ten minute drive from home, the last couple of days working on the other side of town have been a bit rough ~ leaving home before I'd normally be out of bed, then sitting in the peak-hour traffic with the rest of the drones. I don't know or understand how anyone could do that five days a week, let alone all year

Having gone to bed rather late last night after a productive proto-band session, I arrived at work yawning & was told by my cohort to have a coffee. Which at least stopped the yawning... if not the cause. Then dinner this evening with the Loved One's immediate family at a pizza place in Paddington, before heading to an inner-city Shopping Mall for various purposes

Now home & medicated for headache, lower back/upper thigh-ache & a touch of afterburn... & so ready for bedzzzzzzz
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Okay... not as newsworthy a day as previously hoped for

A late start to the day, mostly due to lethargy but we eventually made it to the local Café for lunch for the Loved One & breakfast for me. Then to the Nespresso store in Chatswood to stock up on essentials...

And then to the BIG Ikea store at Tempe. Now, we knew what we wanted to get & what we wanted to look at & were determined to get in, get & see what we wanted & get out without finding all sorts of other things that we never knew we needed but now we really do. Which happens to us in Ikea all the time. At least this time we were fairly restrained & despite not finding one of the things we needed, only wound up with a couple of things we suddenly wanted. And none of them needed assembly. On the whole, that's a good result

A brief supermarket session for tonight & tomorrow's meals then home. Laundry done & slowly drying (the one bad thing about the change in the weather), fed, watered & wined, now bed

Wake up!! It wasn't that dull to read about...
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A PostSecret event at the Enmore Theatre tonight. Quite the rollercoaster ~ funny, poignant, unpredictable, yet very humble &, I'm sure, very helpful to & for a lot of people. Possibly myself... who knows

First commission payment today... I could get used to that... & I hope I will


Mar. 30th, 2013 11:37 pm
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Easter Saturday... Apparently not religiously significant, so cafés & shops were open, so we patronised both ~ catching up with an erstwhile schoolmate who owns the local Café we go to ... then off to buy fabric & CDs, coming away with the right polka-dot pattern & new albums from Nick Cave & EmmyLou Harris (Me) Justin Timberlake & How To Destroy Angels (TLO)

We braved the Megamall for grocery shopping & couldn't wait to get out of there again ~ the Great Unwashed were out in force, some panicking that they would starve to death during the one day the shops would be closed (tomorrow), others just slow-waltzing their trolleys around the place in no real method or hurry. Thankfully the Fishmongers had the flathead fillets I required for tonight's dinner, so we escaped fully provisioned & headed home

And now... The Loved One is at the Bar & a new Donna Leon novel awaits my attention


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