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So the trigger-happy cops in Minneapolis shot dead an Australian ex-pat today. Whatever comes out in the investigation/blame-fest won't bring her back. Tragic

On the radio this afternoon, I heard a newsreader say "Friends of the woman said she loved life"

Honestly? Really? I mean... who doesn't?!?! Even if you're not having a great time right now, it's still better than the alternative, surely...

Obversely, I'm also a great believer in euthanasia & the right to die. Maybe it's just that I'm not a fan of stock phrases, clichés & lazy journalism
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The Sri Lankan Navy... a Green-Peacekeeping wonder...

You know what swimming is to me? Staying alive, when you're in the water... (Paul Stookey)
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There's a reason for that... Apparently

Physics? Pah! Astronomy? Lies!! NASA? Global conspirators!!! Buzz Aldrin? A senile old grandpa!!! And Australia is the wrong shape on all the maps too...

Who could have guessed that Terry Pratchett would turn out to be the real doyen of Science Fiction. Arthur C. Clarke was just a crank

I eagerly await evidence proving that we move through space on the back of Great A'tuin the Space Turtle
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People speak of the healing power of music... we need it now

I read this article in the Sydney Morning Herald today & I remember not just my first 'pop' concert. but all of them...

Don't you wish ISIS et al would just shake it off...

On a related note - No, the Australian Government won't make 'Hey Ya' the National Anthem
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For fuck's fucking sake, Donald, you're the biggest fucking fuckwit it's ever been my shitty misfortune to be unable to fucking avoid

Horrific chemical weapons attack in Syria? It must be Obama's fault

Surely that's taking the 'Thanks Obama' meme a little too far... blaming the Syrian government force's inhumane & inexcusable attack on civilians on the previous administration's inactivity on taking Assad's toys away. Are you really that desperate to score points??!!

Seriously, you fuckwit, if you actually did have shit for brains, the dung beetles would still go hungry...

Oh... and hey Russia... How do you feel about your Syrian buddies now?? And if it's later revealed that you gave them those deadly toys...

What a world
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Reading the Sydney Morning Herald this morning, I saw an intriguing article title - I ignored Trump news for a week - here's what I learned. Apart from learning that the orange-wigged, tiny-handed CiC has pretty much taken over both professional & social media, blanket coverage of his every (mis)step has obscured some important events... & some interesting discoveries

Like this story. Scientists have confirmed the existence of an underwater continent just off the coast of Australia - the highest points of which, we call New Zealand. At its closest 'Zealandia' is just 25 kilometres from the Australian mainland, putting it well within our territorial waters...

So we can feel justified about our insistence on claiming New Zealand actors & musicians as our own. Step forward, new Australians Russell Crowe, Sam Neill, Lorde Jenny Morris, Bic Runga, Keith Urban, John Clarke, Flight of the Conchords & great bands like Dragon, Split Enz, Crowded House, Mi-Sex & the late, great (damn you 2016!!!) Ray Columbus & the Invaders

And many more, but that's enough Youtube for one day... Have a photo

Sunset Climb

Sunset in the Red Hills, above St George, Utah
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We have snakes... spiders... sharks... jellyfish

And watch out for these guys!!!
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Let me say right at the start that the killing of 12 people & wounding of many others in a Colorado cinema in 2012, was a tragedy. No argument

But why would you, having survived such an horrific event, then choose to sue the cinema for failing to protect you...?? And how much sympathy do you expect to get when you, quite logically, lose the suit??

Surely, if you were going to sue anybody, you'd go after the weapon's manufacturer, the NRA &/or the Government for making the weapon easily available to the sufferer of FITH* syndrome who walked in & opened fire... but the cinema? Do you really want or expect the ushers to be armed? Do you want to go through airport-style security every time you want to see a movie? Would you really prefer a live-action 3D Bourne-style shootout where not only the gunman, but staff & armed response personnel are spraying bullets everywhere? I can pretty much guarantee there would have been a lot more than 12 bodies at the end of that scenario

What is wrong with you? Will you now counter-sue the glorified ambulance-chasing lawyers who convinced you they could make the cinema pay you millions? That, at least, would be a measure of true justice...

* F@#ked In The Head


Apr. 25th, 2015 11:01 am
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So... it's the 100th Anniversary of the ANZAC campaign - a defining, tragic time in Australia's history

And what's the most-read story on the news.com.au website??

When the shops will be open on ANZAC Day

I don't have the words to express how sick this makes me... I only have a bucket
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... even Russell Brand has a better grasp of the facts than you do...

I don't often (ever) agree with him, but...

He's absolutely right...So could the Australian media stop referring to the tragic event in Sydney as a 'Terrorist Plot'. It simply wasn't

I don't know why the media are so determined to call it terrorism. Is it because they feel Australia has been missing out? All these other countries have had terrorist attacks, so we'd better get one too, otherwise nobody will take us seriously...

By jumping on the IS bandwagon so eagerly & despite being proved so wrong, still harping on about the most tenuous of associations, that's exactly what will happen... nobody will take us seriously

Probably not even IS
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He's not a terroroist, he's a very naughty boy!

Hang your heads in shame - Murdoch media, our PM & a couple of State Premiers. You saw the bogeyman of Islamic terrorism where there was just a violent misogynist with a flag & a gun
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Sorry for the radio silence over the last few months... I've fallen out of love with talking about myself & my life in general

However, I'll never get tired of talking about things like this... the relics of a bygone era who continue to poison the education & opinions of the modern world

For the-god-of-your-choice's sake... or for no god's sake at all if you prefer, I wish some people would either grow up or shut up. No other options are available

That goes for you too:~ Fred Nile, Alan Jones, Ray Hadley, John Laws, the entire 'Family First' political party, Clive Palmer, the entire US Republican party, Rupert Murdoch, Cardinal George Pell... you can take over from here, I'm sure
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Been meaning to post this link for a few days, but LJ trouble & general lassitude have delayed it until now

Nature's Revenge

More stories like this, please...
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So ~ the Westboro Baptist Church plan to picket the funeral of Slayer's guitarist Jeff Hanneman

Somebody please put the ensuing melée on Youtube... Please!!??!!
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I probably won't be the only person on LiveJournal to post about the death of Chrissie Amphlett

One of the two most dangerous gigs I've ever attended was a Divinyls show at the old Dee Why Hotel... the crowd was well oiled & there was an air of barely-restrained violence in the place ~ something that she seemed to notice too & both encouraged & fed off it for her performance. The bouncers were kept busy that night

My strangest encounter with her was in the mid-Eighties, when I was a Teller for Westpac Bank in Manly & she came in one day to cash a cheque. At the time it was known in music circles that she & the guitarist from Divinyls were shacked up in Manly & deep into heroin, so it wasn't a stretch to guess what the money would be used for. I tried carefully to explain that she'd have to deposit the cheque into her account, then wait a few days for it to clear before she could draw on the funds. That's when I got this look from her that plainly said "I'm going ballistic in 5... 4... 3..." So I hurriedly added that on this occasion I was sure I could make an exception, stamped the cheque & handed over the cash, more prepared to face a dressing-down from the Bank Manager than be on the receiving end of that pocket rocket

Look out Heaven... Here comes a Wild One!!
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A little rehearsal/jam session with the as-yet-unnamed band formed around the 'World's Longest Album Project'. A chance to stretch out on electric guitar for the first time in a while. Fun...

Work kept me hopping until about 5.30, when I finally got out of a client's home, having discussed almost everything except which of our range of products she actually wants. This one's a long haul

Most of the time, it's nice to know some things never change... But then there's Alan Jones & his inimitable, irritating, ignoble & inflammatory ignorance ~ this time on the Boston bombing

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The Old Guard lose another... Vale Reg Presley, the Wild Thing

Years ago, when I was playing guitar in a studio owned by the drummer from the Ted Mulry Gang (Hi Herman!!), he played us a recording of the Troggs arguing among themselves about... well, just about everything. Kind of like Spinal Tap without the pictures:~

Caution... the language is a bit f@#$ing strong. Part II is also worth hearing
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For my Reader... some news over the last month or so you might have missed

The Loved One & I were married on 10.11.12 ~ just so the date was easy to remember. Simple civil ceremony, minimum family attendants, no friends, less-than-desirable location, but that's another story. Family dinner, then drinks with some friends the following day. Two days in Mudgee as a mini 'Honeymoon'... pretty much all we felt like after the USA trip

Kindasorta employed as a Sales Manager for a business telecommunications company. Odd sequence of events ~ a couple of stilted interviews, a few sheets of product information, then a week of cold-calling while the telemarketing team is assembled & their script is written (with a little input from me), then meeting some of my sales reps today & training them, when I'm only fractionally ahead of them in product knowledge. As long as I stay that way, it should be fine, right?. Employment contract to be signed this Friday, then three unpaid weeks off over Christmas/New Year

Which I may spend working in a bottle shop, after encountering a former workmate in CBD Cellars today. Whether I'd end up bringing home any money from that job is an interesting question

And now... please take five to remember Dave Brubeck... he will be missed

Winter Sunset II
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Well, Melbourne... that's a start...


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