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Oh no...

Not Walter Becker...

Steely Dan were one of the (many) bands my Father & I bonded over & I remember how incredibly happy he was when we got to see them back in the 00s. Hell, I remember how ecstatic I was...

Rest in Peace Walter - you left the world a jazz/funk/pop/rock/soul/bluesier place than you found it...

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People speak of the healing power of music... we need it now

I read this article in the Sydney Morning Herald today & I remember not just my first 'pop' concert. but all of them...

Don't you wish ISIS et al would just shake it off...

On a related note - No, the Australian Government won't make 'Hey Ya' the National Anthem
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Hello Reader... it's my Saturday. How's your Tuesday going?

For my USAmerican friends, no Australia doesn't hate you for the way your President carried on about our Prime Minister. It's actually made our guy look a little better in the eyes of his nation - something he's been having some trouble with for a while now. He's probably wondering what to argue about next time he calls...

We are still a little shocked & incredulous that the Donald was allowed to get this far, but understand that's more to do with your, frankly incomprehensible, political system than your individual voting choice. And if the last guy to take a pop at a President only did it to impress Jodie Foster, surely you can find someone to do the job for a date with Beyoncé... or a Kardashian

Then there would only be that pesky Pence to worry about - & I'm sure he can be controlled more easily

Down here in Sydney, it's been hot. And humid. And hot. And everyone's gone back to work & school now, which means there's a lot of traffic around on our thoroughfares - which are mostly in a state of upheaval & disrepair due to some major construction works going on everywhere... at the same time. Which means a lot of sitting in overheating cars. Which means you can't use your air-conditioning for fear of melting your engine & making a bad traffic situation worse. Did I mention it's been hot?

Local Warming & First World problems aside (Hey... we're still allowed to have problems!!), it's pretty quiet 'round here. Other than a fairly rowdy, but entertaining, Chinese New Year's Day family dinner which finished at some ungodly hour (making going to work the next day such a joy...), the routine of eat, work, eat, watch a few episodes of 'Justified', sleep, repeat... goes on

Oh... & I did get to see one of only a few shows around the world that the David Bowie Celebration Band did... here at the Sydney Opera House last week. Past members of Bowie's studio & touring bands came together with some local heroes to blast through 3 hours worth of his best work. As a guitarist, it was a little piece of hog heaven when you had Earl Slick, Adrian Belew, Jerry Leonard & local boy Chris Cheney making the Concert Hall roof rattle a little

Guitar Frenzy
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Vale, John Wetton

Vocalist for King Crimson, Asia, Wishbone Ash, Uriah Heep, Family... bass-player extraordinaire for those bands, as well as, notably, Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music

Seen here, with a wonderful perm, in the company of Bryan Ferry, Mel Collins, Chris Spedding & Paul Thompson. It's rumoured, but unconfirmed, that John Chris & Paul played all the music on the Sex Pistols album 'Never Mind The Bollocks'...

But he'll always be a King Crimson man to me...

Long Live the King
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I take a few days off, to deal with the Family Christmas & look what happens...

Goodbye George Michael


Farewell Rick Parfitt

This year is going right down to the razor wire...
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Oh boy... 2016 is still not finished with us... I'm beginning to regret this post... Seems 2016 took it a bit personally

Goodbye Greg

He'll be singing in the Court of the Crimson King forever

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Just how many people I love or admire have an expiry date in 2016!!??!!??

Vale Sharon Jones

The 'Female James Brown', but so much more... not to mention less sweaty & clichéd

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Vale, Leon Russell...

Enough, already!!!
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Goodbye, Mr Cohen

I'm not enjoying 2016 at all...

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Dear oh Dear...

Phil & Lemmy from Motorhead, Stevie Wright, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Glenn Frey & now I hear Dale 'Buffin' Griffin from Mott The Hoople died recently as well...

A song David Bowie gave to Mott The Hoople that helped keep the band together. As Ian Hunter has said "Who owns this song anyway?!!"

Little wonder that some people are saying 2016 has been written & directed by George RR Martin

Stick Man

May. 4th, 2015 06:38 pm
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Posted here because... well, because it's my Journal & I wanted to... But also because I really like the way this photo turned out, given the circumstances of its taking - poor lighting, no flash used & trying to not disturb the subject, who was obviously concentrating on something else. But with a little PhotoShop jimcrackery... mostly playing around with exposure levels, adding some more black, re-doing the lighting with filters & removing extraneous cables, microphones & stands, then using a 3D effect filter to 'pop' the photo a bit

I still call myself a musician primarily, despite having to work full-time in an utterly unrelated field to keep food on the table, but photography is what I'm increasingly spending my spare time on... Where that leaves my guitars, other than dusty, is an interesting question
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And you're too old at 33, apparently

Or, at least according to this article, that's the age at which you stop listening to new music - & presumably start yelling at those darned kids to turn that infernal racket down!!

It's been 15 years since I was 33. Now, let's see if I can name some 'new' music I've listened to, & indeed bought proper CDs of with real money, in those intervening years...

Mumford & Sons, Kate Miller-Heidke, Megan Washington, Calexico, Decoder Ring, True Live, Richard Thompson (I know, but I was late to the party!!), Jake Shimabukuro, Brad Paisley, EmmyLou Harris (late to that party too!!), BifTek, John Mayer, Karma County, Lorde, Nitin Sawhney, How To Destroy Angels, Barry Adamson, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Black Sabbath (very nearly too late to that party!!!), Melody Gardot, Crimson Jazz Trio, Trey Gunn, Glenn Gould (definitely too late for him...), Jess Chalker, Emilie Simon, Kimbra & Franz Liszt & YoYo Ma for the Classically-minded

And yes, there are probably more, but I don't really feel like scouring the music collection for further proof - I figure the point is disproved enough... at least in my case

Take that, you pigeon-holing bastards!!!
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I like to be here, when I can

My weekend has finally arrived, after a pretty busy &, at times, interminable working week

Weirdos, Wackos, Written Warnings, Weddings... & probably other things that start with 'W' that I'm too tired to think of right now... I've had them all. But now, there's a scotch on the computer desk, a takeaway curry in the kitchen & the latest Pink Floyd album on the sound-system. When the Floyd are stratospherically cruising in 6/8 time, there can't be too much wrong with the world


For Joe...

Dec. 26th, 2014 10:06 am
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For those who've wondered what A Little Help From My Friends is really about...

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Joe Cocker - R.I.P.

Cancer takes another one... & we all thought it would have been liver cirrhosis or alcohol poisoning.

Never got to see him perform, I bought tickets for my parents the last time he was in Australia in 2011 & they had a blast. Ah well...

The Choir Invisible just got a little raspier
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Nick Cave & (most of) the Bad Seeds - State Theatre, 14th December 2014
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Well, what a weekend

First week back at work after a mid-month hiatus, with a new employer, but the same kind of job & work... but enough of that - something far more important happened...

King Crimson Was Here... )
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Having never really been a fan of John Mayer... & in fact, having been a rather opinionated critic of his soft -cock rock, Ben Harper/Jeff Buckley derivative stuff... a couple of years ago, he released the Born & Raised album, while Long-Suffering Partner & I were on our American roadtrip

And I kind of liked it at the time. I put that dowm to the country feel of the album, mixed with the large amount of countryside we were driving through, including Memphis & Nashville

But here we are a couple of years later in Sydney & I find myself willingly listening to the album more often (He's released another album since then, but I don't like it as much)... & to this song in particular:~

L-SP now thinks she's in with a chance to change my mind about Ben Harper & Jack F@%kin' Johnson... but I somehow don't rate her chances


Jun. 4th, 2014 01:59 pm
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Seems I'm only here lately when my musical heroes die...

And today it's Doc Neeson of The Angels

For my generation, The Angels & AC/DC were Rock'n'Roll. when either or both of them were on Countdown, it was a good day

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Or some day this year anyway. It just occurred to me that Cathedral Street, the band I was in with a bunch of guys I haven't seen for years, played its last show, made its last demos & broke up around this time in 1994

Some great gigs, some good gigs, some shockers... the sounds of four young~ish guys making a joyful racket


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