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So... Six weeks on from my release for bad behaviour from DP2 & two things have not yet happened. The first is, obviously, no suitable employment has been wrestled to the ground. The second is that DSODD have not come to my bank balance's aid yet. A phone call to them this morning turned into a bit of a cross-country marathon, ending with a man in Perth who decided to start the whole process over from scratch ~ meaning another half-hour phone interview, then another personal interview on Tuesday next week before anything even begins to get processed & happening. I also had a call from another DSODD operative today, wanting to interview me about the circumstances of my departure from Debtor's Prison, with a view to establishing whether I get back-paid to the beginning of April (when I initially contacted them), or if I'll have to wait another two weeks for payment because I resigned (kinda-sorta) & didn't have the good fortune to be fired instead.

I knew I should have hit that store manager when I had the chance...

Meanwhile the automated e-mail responses to my myriad job applications keep rolling in.
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The Dish

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft... or prospective earthbound employers... or deep-pocketed philanthropists with a musical ear... or an eye for a reasonable photograph.

Playing games of both Telephone Tennis & Patience today ~ waiting for a return call for the message I left, returning the call from a prospective employer who had phoned me late on Friday & left me a message. Also sorting through the labyrinth of the Commonwealth Bank to find who to talk to regarding dividend statements & the getting thereof... kind of like Tomb Raider but with bureaucrats.

Spent a good part of yesterday seated on the ground watching & photographing people hurling themselves out of perfectly well-functioning aeroplanes & relying on coloured cloth, string & rubber bands to prevent their becoming a marmalade stain upon the earth. I think I want to try it...

Possible photos to follow.
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A day of abounding stuff...

The Department of Subsidising the Old, Disabled or just plain Dumb (DSODD), or Centrelink as it's more commonly known are a strange lot. They want me to provide an earnings statement for some bank shares I have because an old superannuation fund I have was converted to shares a few years ago & I receive an annual cheque for about $100. Given that I never even bother to declare it in my tax return ~ just like I don't claim for a lot of random charity donations, so it evens out ~ I have no idea how they found out about it, but they have decided to withhold my unemployment allowance 'til I convince them this yearly pittance is not a major source of income for me.

Having already visited DSODD a couple of times in my quest to remain vaguely solvent & been given, variously, the cold shoulder, the paperwork shuffle & the old-fashioned run-around, I'm beginning to think it will be simpler to find a new job than trudge the exponential paper trail DSODD lay out before me. Only time will tell.

May tonight be fruitful.
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Well... things may be moving at last.

The refinancing arrangement with my bank finally came through today, after a few weeks of phone calls, faxes, re-faxes, more calls, yet more re-faxing & the inevitable waiting. Included in the package is a little extra to take care of a few necessities that have cropped up lately & with luck, a couple of luxuries that aren't so much essential as... well, just plain desirable.

So, off to sign papers tomorrow, then the fun-&-not-so-fun task of allocating the thousands to their relevant locations.

There's been other stuff going on lately that I just haven't written about ~ trips to the Gold Coast in the rain, driving down mountainsides in a glorified rollerskate in the rain...

Maybe the heat has sapped my brains a bit too... Bring on Autumn!!


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