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An overnight trip to Tamworth on Sunday/Monday for the funeral of Max Goodridge - a friend of my Father's from his time 20-30 years ago as a WW2 Jeep-owning 4WD lunatic enthusiast. L-SP & I drove up on Sunday afternoon in teeming rain for the funeral on Monday morning. As excuses for a roadtrip go, it's not a great one, but we'll take it. It was also a chance to try out the new satnav we picked up for the impending trip across half the USA (very) soon. Tomtom the SatNav wasn't aware of the existence of the little town we were heading to, so mapped us to a church in a not-quite-as-small town that was fortunately just 10 minutes away from our actual destination. Can't wait to drive across the American desert with Tomtom... must remember to pack extra water. And food... and blankets

When we arrived at the right church, we were fortunately recognised by a couple of my Father's friends, who'd come to his funeral last year, so knew what we looked like. As we milled around the Jeeps parked outside, I eavesdropped on conversations to identify faces & names from all those years ago. After some introductions were made, I could see them searching their memories for the quiet teenage son of their late friend & reconciling that image with the quiet middle-age man before them

A very religious Service - hymns, readings & prayers a-plenty. Certainly enough to test the patience of a Buddhist & an agnostic. When it was over, we joined the convoy of vehicles I assumed were heading to the local Club for the Wake, but no... we were headed to the Cemetery for more prayers & readings. Then the President of the regional RSL Club stepped up & delivered the eulogy for Max the WW2 gunner & the Last Post was played. THAT'S when my tears arrived, as past & present Servicemen placed poppies on his casket

We then followed the staggered convoy to the Club, where I toasted the departed with his favourite drink... & coincidentally mine. Cakes, sandwiches & some reminiscing about not only Max, but my Father & all the fun & trouble you can get into when you combine WW2 Jeeps with typical Aussie bravado & add a little social lubricant. I miss those days & was telling the absolute truth when I said that I never quite forgave Father for selling his Jeep... always thought I'd wind up with it. Maybe some day I'll get my own. Soon...

And it will look like this... I'll even wear the hat


Anyone for a roadtrip?!


Oct. 11th, 2015 10:25 pm
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This Way & That

Whatever small-minded, vicious, vindictive, petty, pathetic, tiny-minded god is in charge of this planet & its proceedings... Cut it out you f@^king bastard!!!!!

First my Father... which I could just about get a handle on, but then this blameless, harmless, loveable, absolute bonus to my life

This is what makes so many of us Atheists at best

Oh God...

Aug. 24th, 2012 01:25 pm
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In which the Christian religion embraces the theory of evolution & Jesus is depicted as a proto-hominid

It's the little things which amuse the most, sometimes...
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I'm sure [livejournal.com profile] lederhosen will get around to posting about this... after all, he has the best LJ icon for it...

As for me, well, I can't believe in any religion generally & Roman Catholicism in particular. The god I may, or may not, worship has no prejudice or intolerance & definitely isn't short of cash.
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Sometimes I get so frustrated by the creatures I have to share my biological classification with. To whit:~

Protego!! Take that T-Rex!!
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If we're going to copy the USA & allow people like this complete waste of sperm & egg to run for public office, & then give his divisive, pig-ignorant, offensive-to-common-sense raving & drooling a wider audience in the name of 'News'... then I would like to adopt another USA policy ~ the (far-too-easy) right to bear arms & participate in a USA national pastime ~ the shooting of public 'officials'...

Why are 'Devout Christians' so filled with anger & hate? I mean, it's not like they're short of a quid...

Edit: Okay, he's been disenfranchised by the Liberal Party & "...doesn't understand why he's been replaced..."

And he doesn't think an atheist should be running the country. Oh the irony.


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