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Blerp... The morning after the night befpre...

Not hung over - didn't drink very much at all last night, but definitely emerging from a food coma. December is traditionally spent with various friends & colleagues, at various tables, having food plonked in front of you, which you plough through as you review the year that was... & last night was no exception

The last Wafflers meeting of the year is always a buffet affair & I've spent this past week organising numbers, doing seating arrangements & liasing with caterers, making sure that the 73 guests would all get something they like to eat. For such is the job of Dinner Secretary in the Club & I've been doing it for nearly 2 years... & boy, does it take a toll

Most months we have somewhere between 30-40 people & even that can be a bit tricky, 'cause everyone has their preference as to who they sit with, what they can & can't eat... L-SP & I have dubbed the 3rd week of the month 'Wafflers Week' & have learned that any disagreements we have, about anything, can be put down to the stress of dealing with that finicky bunch & are not to be seen as anything other than pressure relief, So finagling with almost twice the usual number means that this week, it's probably been best for L-SP to not talk to me at all... except that, because of the aforementioned social nature of December, we've probably talked more than usual. No black eyes, or divorce lawyers though... I'd say we've come through rather well... fed !!

Can't wait for April 2015's AGM, when my term on the Committee is up & they'll have to find a new Dinner Secretary... Boy, will we give 'em hell with our requests...

An 11th hour reprieve might be at hand for my career too. I got a call just as we were heading out last night, from an immediate past colleague, with news of a job opportunity with a much larger & much more reputable company than the one I'm starting with on Monday... & in the same product range that I've been working with over the last 2 years. Which is good, because I wasn't looking forward to emptying my head of all the technical info I've gathered on it, so that there'll be room for the new stuff I'll be flogging. Anyway, hopefully off to see a man about a horse this morning. What does one wear on a Saturday when going to see a potential employer, but it's not actually an 'interview' as such, more just an introduction & fact-finding field trip?
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By now, the Loved One & I should know better than to aim for the conventional... it never works out for us

On the other hand, when we have a mad or ill-conceived or relatively unplanned idea (like "Hey, let's drive across the USA with no booked accommodation!!) it all goes swimmingly

Therefore we should have known that arranging a special dinner-for-two to celebrate our Six Month Semi-Anniversary was never going to conform to expectations... We'd decided on a Spanish restaurant in town that we hadn't been to in a while, but retained fond memories of atmosphere & food quality. Firstly, parking was the usual nightmare, then the waiter showed us to a table behind a large group of large people with their chairs so far out I couldn't squeeze into my spot. So we moved to the back of the place, next to a pair of young women who were telling themselves & anyone in earshot (which was a number of us) that they were having a "Girls Night Out... Boo Ya!!"

It then took quite a while to attract a waiter's attention, but once we'd ordered, the food began arriving fairly quickly ~ including a garlic bread we hadn't asked for, but whatthehell... The first couple of courses were tasty, but it all fell apart when a wrong dish arrived & we were assured it was the right one. It wasn't. From there... well let's just say the pork belly was salty as hell, the garlic prawns made up in chilli what they lacked in tenderness & the idea of dessert was quickly quashed in favour of paying up & getting out

An attempt to visit a favoured Gelataria was thwarted by traffic & lack of parking, so ~ of all places ~ we wound up at our local RSL Club for cake & last drinks, accompanied by three different football games on the screens & all the attendant, well-lubricated fans. On a whim, we decided to visit the Poker Machine Lounge & 'gamble' some of the money we'd allocated to our special night...

And so, of course, this is where it all went right... walking away with a $25 profit on the evening. All down to the Loved One's skill with the 10 Credit button, but credit where it's due, I say.

On this evidence, maybe we'll celebrate our first year a day, week, or month late. Trust me... it'll be a better time
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My Brother-in-Law finally got his Resident Visa approved today... it's only taken a year. Well done to our Dept of Immigration ~ it's not like he arrived by boat or anything

So a celebratory dinner this evening. Where to take a US citizen, who spent seven years in Japan & married a Vietnamese girl for an Australian celebration??

To our favourite Chinese restaurant of course... Multiculturalism & all that

Afterwards, a short detour to Bankstown for family matters, now home ~ well-fed & somewhat slightly knackered after a 7am start at work & moving things around for painters & electricians all day. Aren't they supposed to have apprentices for that kind of work??
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An abortive attempt this evening to participate in a new trivia night, as our regular one from last year will not be back

As we will not be back to tonight's venue... too crowded, too trendy... & the trivia had a 'Seinfeld' theme ~ my least favourite US comedy of the 90s & now endless syndication, so I was never going to be an enthusiastic contestant anyway. Dinner then became Priority 1, so on one of our group's recommendation, we trooped down to Chinatown & into a restaurant specialising in different flavours of fried chicken. The soy sauce-flavoured one was great, the plain one was a bit bland & the hot'n'spicy'n'covered in cheese was possibly a bit over the top... but we ate it all anyway

Work experience continues. Haven't sold anything yet, so it's all theoretical until I can test my memory & improv skills


Feb. 8th, 2013 10:44 pm
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Too full of Indian food to think very much right now... Have a cute photo of a dog:~

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So, Filipino food... Quite tasty in fact. Goes well with coconut water

Waiting... waiting for employment news, good or bad. Either is better than nothing
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Finally made it to a beach this Summer... Sort of

Coming home from running errands the other day, I had the point'n'shoot camera with me &, having been pretty much stuck at home for most of the week, decided to stay out of the house for a little while longer & drove down to the little inner-harbour beach at the bottom of our hill, got my feet wet & took a couple of photos

Ebb Tide

Dinner tonight with friends at a new-ish Chinese restaurant in Ashfield. It's a new place, but it's run by the son of the owner of the one I've been going to for about twenty years. He's even swiped their main chef... cheeky sod. As such, many things on the menu are the same as his Mum's place, but we tried some of his new dishes & made enthusiastic noises. When he asked me if I preferred his place or his Mum's, I said I'd let him know in twenty years

That said, our friends enjoyed it & we ate plenty
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Well, the good news is that last night's Indian meal had no after-effects. No Gandhi's Revenge, no Delhi Belly, no Black Hole of Calcutta. Nope, naan of those...

Now... Of all the dozens & dozens of jobs applied for over the last few weeks, I had one interview for a sales role I really wanted & I had a phone interview for a part time counter-monkey job that I only went for as a worst-case-scenario liferaft. As cruel Fate would have it, I have a second interview for that one... never heard back from the one I wanted. O fortune, how you mock me!!
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A productive recording/mixing day yesterday, with the elasticity of one song being tested by the addition of a coda & some extra guitar parts being crammed into another. At least I didn't have to sing this time...

Dinner with our ex-pats & sundry acquaintances last night at the Ancient Briton Hotel in Glebe. Once upon a time this was a murky, hole-in-the-wall pub on a street corner that even the locals were reluctant to enter, but a few years ago it was bought, renovated, expanded, revamped & has become a place for people who like their high-end liquors with similar-standards of comestible accompaniment. Great scotches, wines, laksa & my pork belly fillet was done perfectly. A surfeit of food due to everyone sharing dishes & a visit to a not-so nearby Gelataria resulted in food-babies being carried by all of us by the time we waddled back to the car

Brunch this morning with our guests & a different set of acquaintances & now back home to commence a liquids-only diet for the day
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No matter how strange you think your life is... Nature can always go one better...

Now we know where the expression 'Sick as a parrot' comes from ~ Darwin.

We played Mini-Golf with some friends on Friday night, at a course not far from Warriewood Beach, so the air was misty with sea-spray &... mist. There were people on the adjacent driving range who had no hope of seeing where their shots were landing... One of those lost photo opportunities as I had no camera of any kind on me... Bugger! By turf-out time at 9pm we'd only done half of the second nine-hole course, but were quite happy to repair to the nearby Hog's Breath Café for a late dinner. Note to self: Order 'Medium Rare' next time, as my rare steak was a bit underdone... even by my bloody standards.

Rozelle Markets today... See what books & trinkets we decide we can't live without...
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An odd day...

But let's rewind to last night when my Long-Suffering Partner & I gatecrashed my Mother's Birthday dinner plans & invited ourselves along to a completely different restaurant than she'd planned. The Chinese place we selected turned out to be completely empty on a Saturday night, which would ordinarily ring an alarm bell or two, but the on-line reviews had mentioned its quietness, as well as the quirky nature of the service, but the food was meant to be good...

And it was, in a fairly standard 'Round-Eye' Chinese restaurant way ~ where the dishes don't get too adventurous, or overly traditional & stick to the established Western favourites. My L-SP surprised me by ordering Honey King Prawns... the roundest of Round-Eye Chinese dishes & they turned out to be quite good, not too sweet & cooked perfectly. My Father ordered half a duck in brown sauce & was reluctant to share it with anyone ~ the little of it I managed to try explained why... it was delicious!

And so to today ~ a family Christening in a Catholic church in the south-west of Sydney. The priest was about an hour late, so we were all gathered outside the church... waiting... My Uncle & I hatched a plan to break in, find some robes, uncork the Communion wine & perform the ceremony ourselves (I can read & recite Latin), dunk the kid in the font & then head to the after-party... but the priest turned up before we had the lock picked. Damn!

Towards the end of the after-party, my L-SP & I took the opportunity to discreetly present memorial books for my late Uncle to relevant family, as we don't see some of them very often, without drawing any attention to it so as to not change the focus of the day, but the mother of the newly baptised babe sprung me giving a book to her husband & made her displeasure vocally apparent... then was all smiles, hugs & cheek kisses when we were leaving a few minutes later. I understand her reaction to a point ~ a Christening was perhaps not the best time, but it was the only time in the near-to-middle future we would see some of them... & we'd been careful to not make a song & dance about it... or a formal presentation. The worst thing I can say is that I'd been hearing about trouble in the new family & had some of my suspicions confirmed by the interlude... Little things say a lot to me.

Still, it was nice to catch up with that side of the family, who are starting to spread out over two States, so a full turnout is hard to organise & therefore rare.

Back to work tomorrow for a quiet day...
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I don't think I'll ever eat again...

After a Mothers Day buffet lunch with my Mother & Grandmother, as well as my sister & uncle, we were stuffed ~ & still had dinner with my L-SP's Mother this evening to contend with, which was meant to be another buffet affair (!!??), but was changed to dinner at a favourite Italian restaurant where, typically, the servings are generous & the food is beautifully done. No... I'm not telling where it is... we had to wait for a table tonight & it would only be worse if everyone else found out about it.

Now ~ home, with belts unbuckled & noble thoughts of gyms & exercise...

... Yeah, right...


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