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Errgghh... Arrgghh... I've been poisoned.

Well okay, strictly speaking I poisoned myself. Nice to know that, even at my age, I'm still not old enough to know better, so going out for dinner & (a lot of) drinks on what was a Friday night for everyone else but a Thursday night for me seemed like a great idea at the time.

Not at 8.15 this morning it didn't. Nor for the next 9 hours at work. Why do I keep forgetting about the thumping headache'n'hangover I get after enjoying liberal amounts of Scotch Whiskey??!!?? Red wine & Guinness don't do this to me (well, they might if I drank them together...), but Scotch never fails to deliver a Glasgow kiss to my brain the morning after.

In other news, a music label in Europe has issued an LP of my first band's early work & the reviews have been positive. Twenty three years ago, when we recorded it, it would have been nice to know we were doing work that was appreciated by people on the other side of the world, it may have kept the band going longer... & further.

Read all about it here & also here...

And now... bed.
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Feeling very headachey & dizzy today. Mental & physical balances are suffering. Vodka is an insidious libation.

If, like me, you're in the mood for distraction, then have a look at some cows, marvel at the inane captions & lament that not only did someone get paid to write them, someone who probably gets paid more approved them...

Nice photos though.
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Inspired by the recent post from [livejournal.com profile] lederhosen quoting a paragraph from a Biggles story that was... open to a certain interpretation by less-than-pristine minds, the thought occurred that changes in society & language since at least the late 1960s mean that some book titles will never be read the same way again. To whit...

Five Go Off In A Caravan
Five Go Off To Camp
Five Have A Wonderful Time
Five Have Plenty Of Fun
Five Get Into A Fix

Biggles Gets His Men
Another Job For Biggles
Biggles Works It Out
Biggles Delivers The Goods
Biggles Makes Ends Meet
Biggles and the Poor Rich Boy
Biggles Takes It Rough

Whither the innocence of youth?
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I hate sobering up at work...
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Common sense & a Melbourne attitude prevail.

Hung Over

Oct. 7th, 2007 05:45 pm
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Starting to feel a little more Homo Sapiens & a lot less Neanderthal now...

I just saw off 2 members of Hands & Feet ~ the band formerly known as the Multi-String Army, after an afternoon of jamming 2 new songs into basic frameworks. Some time during the last few hours, my headache dissipated, the veil lifted from behind & in front of my eyes & the world stopped swaying back & forth.

Which means the 2 litres of Bavarian beer, 3 schnapps shots, 2 scotch'n'cokes & 1 Long Island Iced Tea have finally left the building. All this was consumed during a City crawl with SarinG & UnknownB, taking in the Bavarian Bier Cafe, the seediest strip club we could find, Hyde Park & an ex-pool hall bar/nightclub complex on Oxford St.

Time for a white wine, perhaps?

Breakfast at the local this morning was notable for the owner taking one look at me & saying "Pffft... hung over." I hadn't realised the bear-like torpid movement, the sunglasses & the slightly swaying gait were that obvious... Everything was just a little too loud there today, so we left as swiftly as my shambling feet could carry me. After nibbling at chocolate, rice snacks & nuts through the afternoon, I'm pretty hungry ~ which is also a good sign of recovery.

No big plans for tomorrow, so I'll chase up my amplifier repairer & might find time to give blood for the first time in about a year. The Red Cross keep sending me invitations to visit Dracula's Castle on Clarence St in the city, so may as well do something constructive with the day... I wonder if there'll still be enough alcohol in the system to give some poor patient a buzz after surgery?


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