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Goodbye Harry Dean...

Character actor... scene stealer in so many films - Alien, The Avengers, Christine... but he'll always be Travis for me

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Oh no...

Not Walter Becker...

Steely Dan were one of the (many) bands my Father & I bonded over & I remember how incredibly happy he was when we got to see them back in the 00s. Hell, I remember how ecstatic I was...

Rest in Peace Walter - you left the world a jazz/funk/pop/rock/soul/bluesier place than you found it...

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This one is painful for Australians... & New Zealanders. John was a brilliant satirist, writer & performer who came to trans-Tasman attention back in the 70s with his character Fred Dagg, whose monologues exposed the absurdity & whimsy of everyday life

For the last 27 years or so, he worked with Brian Dawe on a weekly 3 minute sketch skewering whatever news had come to light that week. Here's how they saw the Mexican Gulf oil spill a few years back

I recommend you spend 30 minutes or so watching some of the others. A lot of it is Australia-centric, but the politics & machinations are universal... Miss you already Mr Clarke. Loved your work

And now... a photo to play with your brain a little. Just wiggle your screen up & down a bit. No... with your mouse!!!!

Circles & Rings
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... as usual

Goodbye Chuck Berry

Thanks for all the chords, licks & lead breaks I learned from your records...

On a related note, we finally watched the recent Grammy Awards show last night & I was shocked, saddened & dismayed to find out that 2016 was even worse than I thought. We lost a few more I didn't know about...

Lonnie Mack... Wild rock, blues, R&B guitarist from Texas. Big influence on Stevie Ray Vaughan

Buckwheat Zydeco... Cajun/Zydeco accordionist. Made it okay to listen to accordion players again (some of us never stopped!)

Scotty Moore... Guitarist for Elvis Presley in the pre-army 50s... you know - the good stuff

Mose Allison... Jazz pianist. Composer of 'Young Man Blues' which The Who radically reinvented in the early 70s

Toots Thielemans... Harmonica player... another under-rated instrument & player

Bernie Worrell... Keyboard player for Parliament/Funkadelic & provider of waaay out there synthesizer sounds for Talking Heads in the early 80s

Damn...now I'm upset all over again!
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Vale, John Wetton

Vocalist for King Crimson, Asia, Wishbone Ash, Uriah Heep, Family... bass-player extraordinaire for those bands, as well as, notably, Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music

Seen here, with a wonderful perm, in the company of Bryan Ferry, Mel Collins, Chris Spedding & Paul Thompson. It's rumoured, but unconfirmed, that John Chris & Paul played all the music on the Sex Pistols album 'Never Mind The Bollocks'...

But he'll always be a King Crimson man to me...

Long Live the King
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Goodbye Carrie... the odds this year weren't good for you to have 'just' a heart attack...

Say hi to John B up there

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I take a few days off, to deal with the Family Christmas & look what happens...

Goodbye George Michael


Farewell Rick Parfitt

This year is going right down to the razor wire...
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Oh boy... 2016 is still not finished with us... I'm beginning to regret this post... Seems 2016 took it a bit personally

Goodbye Greg

He'll be singing in the Court of the Crimson King forever

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The youngest Bewlay Brother has died, at 69

What an amazing creative life... there are no other words

To put it in perspective, click here to see what David was doing at your age...


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