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Just how many people I love or admire have an expiry date in 2016!!??!!??

Vale Sharon Jones

The 'Female James Brown', but so much more... not to mention less sweaty & clichéd

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Vale, Leon Russell...

Enough, already!!!
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Goodbye, Mr Cohen

I'm not enjoying 2016 at all...

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Dear oh Dear...

Phil & Lemmy from Motorhead, Stevie Wright, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Glenn Frey & now I hear Dale 'Buffin' Griffin from Mott The Hoople died recently as well...

A song David Bowie gave to Mott The Hoople that helped keep the band together. As Ian Hunter has said "Who owns this song anyway?!!"

Little wonder that some people are saying 2016 has been written & directed by George RR Martin
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Vale Lemmy Kilmister

Mötörhead... one of my greatest not-so-guilty pleasures

Scott Weiland, Stevie Wright, Lemmy, Philthy... there's quite an impressive queue at the 2015 exit
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And so, we return to normal 'round here - I turn up when someone I admire has died

Goodbye Terry & thank you for all the wonderful stories, jokes, puns & one-liners

My personal favourite was when he came to Sydney &, not so much gave as 'hosted' a reading of his work at the Concert Hall in the Opera House. His Reader, impressed by the architecture of the place, turned to Terry & said "I know you disapprove of the word, but this place is awesome"

Terry replied "I've told you before - if it doesn't involve God & hosts of angels descending from the Heavens, then it's just 'good'"

I already liked & greatly admired him & his work, but from that moment on, I loved him...
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Just re-watching Blazing Saddles tonight, for the first time in ages... & for the first time on Blu-Ray & in an accompanying doco, learned that Madeline Kahn died in 1999


She was so funny
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Joe Cocker - R.I.P.

Cancer takes another one... & we all thought it would have been liver cirrhosis or alcohol poisoning.

Never got to see him perform, I bought tickets for my parents the last time he was in Australia in 2011 & they had a blast. Ah well...

The Choir Invisible just got a little raspier


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