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Front 26.04.17

The back of the front

Not much to report, just felt like sharing a photo... I really need a road-trip, so I can get out & take some new photos. The shorter daylight hours & my longer working hours have curtailed that activity lately. OBluV8 sits quietly, patiently, longingly in the driveway... waiting. Sometimes I sit there with him - dreaming of other roads

We haven't been looking after any kittens either, so nothing cute to chase around with a camera
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Friday night... for me, anyway

Not a productive week at work, monetarily at least, but a busy one for me - site inspections, measures, estimations, plan drawing, follow-ups on older jobs, visiting potential new premises, ghost-writing e-mails & quotes for the Boss & other staff... but most of the walk-in clientele I spoke with were a complete WOFTAM

I did talk with a lady this afternoon about her newly-purchased terrace house in the eastern suburbs, that she wanted to put timber flooring in & it became apparent that she knew quite a lot about flooring & installation. Only after I'd worked out a quote for her & taken her details to e-mail a proper document, did I twig that she's the Urban Planning & Architecture writer for the Sydney Morning Herald, sits on numerous planning committees & is a consulting architect for a few others... I thought her name was familiar!!

So, no pressure

The only disheartening thing about our meeting, was discovering that she'd dropped my business card on the floor on the way out of the Showroom. I'd like to hope it wasn't on purpose... but time (& hopefully, her credit card payment) will tell...

Something fishy...

Head To Tail
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Milford Sound III

Milford Sound

Well, I don't live in New Zealand, so I can't be homesick... But I've been going through the photos we took during our visit to New Zealand's South Island & wishing I was there. Though, apparently, the Maori didn't settle at Milford Sound/Piopiotahi, as the place gets infested by sandflies in the Summer

I'd love to get back there someday though. And, as we Australians say...


Apr. 25th, 2017 11:09 am
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Interesting how the whole LJ vs DW débâcle has thrown up so many opinions, viewpoints, rifts, chasms, schisms & behaviour that's not what you'd expect from people who value a sense of 'community'

Speaking, of course, from only my perspective, I would have thought that a foreign government with hostile policies regarding a, by now, significant portion of the human race, was a far more appropriate thing to get upset about, than some of the 'rats leaving a sinking ship'-style commentary I've seen around regarding those who have begun the process of departing LJ because of unease, or just plain distaste, over its new set of rules that come courtesy of a repressive régime

Anyway, one interesting point raised regards the comments one leaves in another's Journal & who 'owns' that comment. If you import your Journal to DW with all entries & comments, what about those comments from people who don't want to be on DW, or associated with it? Have you disrepected their privacy, or their views, by having their presence here by proxy?

Or are their comments, just like your Journal really... part of an open forum that anyone, from anywhere, could access, read & then go to the commenter's Journal via the link info, if they sound like someone interesting? Isn't that how a community grows?

I will shortly be going through my DW Journal & deleting all the comments left by someone very much of the former opinion. A shame... but their right to a viewpoint & their right to privacy should be respected

Do feel free to comment yourselves... via LJ or DW & let me know your feelings
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Eye Of The Magpie

One of about 6 magpies who frequent the back yard... having worked out the butcher birds feeding schedule

Nothing much to report from the last few days, except to say that the new tabasco-marinated KFC is not for the faint-hearted - both during dinner & the hours following

As the saying goes - Sometimes I sits & thinks. Other times, I just sits

And sometimes I question my lifestyle choices...
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We've been foster-caring for 2 kittens this last week. A colleague of our neighbour volunteers with a Vet surgery & she tries to find homes for all the strays of all sizes brought in, or found. As always, people forget that animals are for life, not for Christmas

Mr Ed
Mr Ed

How quickly I'd forgotten too... about the perpetual motion, the hyper-vigilance, the kitty litter everywhere, the stuff that should be in the kitty litter everywhere, the early mornings, the inability to do much else when they fall asleep on you

We also learned that we're probably not ready for new cats yet... Layla & EmmyLou's loss is still too close. I returned Mr Ed & his sister April (no photo - she never stayed still enough!) to their 'Mother' this morning & got a glimpse of what our future could be, if we follow through on the dream of retiring to the country & keeping animals - a house full of cats has a particular aroma...
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I work with quite a few Muslim people in my new job...

And you know what? All of them are just like me, really - they all have a fairly ambivalent view of god & pretty much reject the religion they've been raised in as being outdated, largely irrelevant in modern society &, at worst, just an excuse for a fight

I've had a couple of current affairs conversations with them & they're just as despairing of the way things are & how they look to be going as I am. The thing that truly unites us is we agree that, if the world is determined to blow itself up, then Australia's a good place to be

They're all younger than me, so I haven't mentioned 'On The Beach' to them... it's not my place to disappoint the young & optimistic... this time

Can't we just organise a big no-holds-barred wrestling cage match all-in brawl? Donald, Vlad, Kim, Khameini, Erdogan, Assad & various unnamed extremists from all sides. All in spandex trunks, of course

We could have lots of cameras there, so they think it's being broadcast to the world, when in fact it will only be on a CCTV closed feed, with just the screens inside the empty stadium showing the 'action'. They can posture, proclaim, proselytise & pomp around to their hearts content, while they attack each other with every WWE cliché from the last 30 years...

Until just one of them staggers outside, to be met by a firing squad made up of war widows, orphans & the disabled...

Problem is, I think we'd need to have one of these events every few years or so. For a couple of generations at least...
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Meanwhile, I've had the strangest working week, thanks to my roster & Easter. Had Tuesday & Wednesday off as my usual weekend, worked Thursday, had Good Friday off, worked Saturday, had Easter Sunday off, working tomorrow, then it's time for my weekend again. I may accidentally turn up to work on Wednesday... I wonder if they'd tell me?

Been fostering some homeless kittens for the last few days too. They're only about 6 weeks old & make me feel very tall... & old. Photos soon...
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I wasn't going to do this... I was just going to stay on LiveJournal & see what happens

What happened is a lot of news about changes to the rules, changes to operating under Russian law & then examples of what Russian law means to people - especially people in Chechnya. And I don't believe I can support that - even in a small, petty way such as continuing to use a service that will now be contributing monetarily to State-sanctioned pogroms, violence & 'cleansing'

We think we've come so far... We haven't

So, here I am on Dreamwidth. Same username, new icons... same views, same photos... So, if you're looking for me, I've gone this way:-

This Way

Of course, I realise the inherent contradiction that cross-posting to LJ means I'm still using their service... but unlike some people who use the jump to Dreamwidth as an excuse to cull their Friends List, I have a lot of friends on LJ & still want to see what they're up to!!

And I'm not concerned about the Russian Secret Service kicking down my door. I mean, they may be out to get me, but I'm not paranoid!! So rantings about global politics, the stupidity & hypocrisy of World Leaders... & anything that just gets my goat, will continue to be posted here

And as for the kind of uselessness of this... well, what else can I do - I don't drink vodka, so I can't boycott that... I'm married, so don't really require the purchased services of 'Hot Russian Girls' & I really like the films of Timur Bekmambetov
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This one is painful for Australians... & New Zealanders. John was a brilliant satirist, writer & performer who came to trans-Tasman attention back in the 70s with his character Fred Dagg, whose monologues exposed the absurdity & whimsy of everyday life

For the last 27 years or so, he worked with Brian Dawe on a weekly 3 minute sketch skewering whatever news had come to light that week. Here's how they saw the Mexican Gulf oil spill a few years back

I recommend you spend 30 minutes or so watching some of the others. A lot of it is Australia-centric, but the politics & machinations are universal... Miss you already Mr Clarke. Loved your work

And now... a photo to play with your brain a little. Just wiggle your screen up & down a bit. No... with your mouse!!!!

Circles & Rings
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Moon 7th April 2017

Shot, Photoshopped (the frame) & posted to Flickr all within 20 minutes... gotta love the digital age...
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For fuck's fucking sake, Donald, you're the biggest fucking fuckwit it's ever been my shitty misfortune to be unable to fucking avoid

Horrific chemical weapons attack in Syria? It must be Obama's fault

Surely that's taking the 'Thanks Obama' meme a little too far... blaming the Syrian government force's inhumane & inexcusable attack on civilians on the previous administration's inactivity on taking Assad's toys away. Are you really that desperate to score points??!!

Seriously, you fuckwit, if you actually did have shit for brains, the dung beetles would still go hungry...

Oh... and hey Russia... How do you feel about your Syrian buddies now?? And if it's later revealed that you gave them those deadly toys...

What a world
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End of the first week in the new job. I've already been out to a few site inspections & measures & feel a lot better about it - sure beats standing around in a showroom all day - even the one I turned up to in the rain, only to find the client had cancelled 3 days earlier... or so she said - she was a few sausages short of a barbecue, I thought

So my weekend begins & it looks like being another damp one. My plan for the next two days then? Just hang around...

Flying Fox II
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Out & about for the new job yesterday - doing a site inspection & measure in the beachside suburb of Coogee. First one I've done for about 9 months & was worried that I'd miss something, being out of practice... but it's uncanny how it all comes back to you & before too long I was pointing lasers, scribbling measurements & going through options with the client involving more or less destruction of her property depending on what she wanted the end result to be

Coogee by the beach on a sunny Saturday afternoon is not the easiest place to find a parking spot - especially anywhere near the building I had to visit. Especially not when I was in OBluV8, my beloved V8 Ford, which is not a small car. On my 2nd lap of the block, I found a spot only a reasonable distance away, so away I went. Returning to OBluV8 afterwards, I SMSed some details back to the office, then started the car... Cough... splutter... vroom... cough... silence

Okay then. turn off ignition, wait 5 seconds, turn the key... click... click... click... nothing

OBluV8 was doing his best Big Hero 6 impersonation - "Looow Baattterrryyy" How did I feel? Like this, really:-

Alone, trapped within walking distance of one of Sydney's popular beaches on a sunny day. Oh dear, poor, poor, pitiful me... Fortunately, we have Roadside Assist through our insurance & they arrived about half an hour later & agreed that the battery was not only low, but pretty much empty. To supply & fit a new one? $200

I need to sell more stuff, so the commission starts flowing in... Anyone need a new floor??!!
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My only day off this week... & there is stuff to take care of

Car dropped off at Service Centre - check
Latest battle with cable TV provider over billing charges - check
Find repair location for Sony subwoofer that's mysteriously silent - check
New glasses to be picked up from Optometrist
Car to be collected from Service Centre

Out with the old job, in with the new yesterday. a quiet day, with not much really achieved or finalised - your typical first day in a new job, really... The Boss is back on Wednesday afternoon, so hopefully things will become a little better defined then... like roster, locations (we have 2 locations, where will I be?!) etc...

Oh... Hi

Photo - check


Mar. 22nd, 2017 07:29 pm
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Been battling a bit of a persistent cold this week... giving the abdominal muscles a bit of a workout & dropping my voice by about an octave. No headache or runny nose or anything else, just a cough that sounds like a backfiring lawn mower that won't start properly. So I sound a lot worse than I feel

Which has its advantages... I was sent home from work on Monday morning, which started my weekend a few hours early, allowing me to get a few chores done before the rain set in, including evicting the lost pigmy tribe living in the tall grass of the back yard. Don't know how many grass huts I mowed down. This made the local birdlife happy, as they almost immediately began pecking through the now shortened grass for slow, or stray, bugs & worms. No pigmies...

These are my last few days in the 'old' job, before starting the new one on Monday. No break - finishing on Sunday, starting on Monday. Not that we're desperate for money or anything, just that's the way it worked out. Maybe L-SP & I will try to have a little road-trip some time soon. Any direction but east

Taken a few cloud photos over the last week or so, but haven't done much with them...

Cloudy Day

Cloud City
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... as usual

Goodbye Chuck Berry

Thanks for all the chords, licks & lead breaks I learned from your records...

On a related note, we finally watched the recent Grammy Awards show last night & I was shocked, saddened & dismayed to find out that 2016 was even worse than I thought. We lost a few more I didn't know about...

Lonnie Mack... Wild rock, blues, R&B guitarist from Texas. Big influence on Stevie Ray Vaughan

Buckwheat Zydeco... Cajun/Zydeco accordionist. Made it okay to listen to accordion players again (some of us never stopped!)

Scotty Moore... Guitarist for Elvis Presley in the pre-army 50s... you know - the good stuff

Mose Allison... Jazz pianist. Composer of 'Young Man Blues' which The Who radically reinvented in the early 70s

Toots Thielemans... Harmonica player... another under-rated instrument & player

Bernie Worrell... Keyboard player for Parliament/Funkadelic & provider of waaay out there synthesizer sounds for Talking Heads in the early 80s

Damn...now I'm upset all over again!
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As promised... here's one of our Butcher Birds singin' in the rain

Singin' In The Rain

We've had a couple of dry days - especially over everyone else's weekend the other day(s), but the state is in for another week of soak, wash, rinse, repeat. And I'm still quite okay with that, even if the back yard lawn could be hiding a lost pigmy tribe somewhere in there. I suppose I'll find them when I eventually get out there with the mower

I accepted the new job offer in an old industry. Long-Suffering Partner & I crunched the numbers the other night &, even with a slight dip in expected salary, the move closer to home will save somewhere around $5000 annually in motorway tolls & petrol. A no-brainer? Just my kind of decision...

Now to write my resignation e-mail. The Boss is currently overseas, so I'm not sure what time of day he'll read it. Hopefully after a few vodkas...
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Sunset Surf

Or wave hello...
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It's 4.30pm & a fair bet that I won't leave the house today. I call this quite an achievement

Whenever I'm Wednesday-deep in my working week, I'm always thinking how good it would be to have a day doing nothing. Somehow, it never happens. As my Journal title says - 'There's always something about to happen' & it takes precedence, usually by necessity, over doing nothing

Not today. Having seen Long-Suffering Partner off to work at about 7.30 this morning, I've worked on some photos, listened to a lot of music, fed the butcherbirds a couple of times, read some more of 'Raising Steam', one of the last Discworld novels by the late, much-lamented Terry Pratchett, had a couple of coffees, grazed a little on whatever's in the cupboards or fridge that looked appetising... & have now poured a decent shot of Glen Morangie. Soon, my lamb korma will be defrosted enough to call it dinner & I'll find a DVD to keep me entertained enough 'til bedtime... whenever that will be

Before you paint me as an utter sloth, I have repaired (hopefully) a kitchen cupboard that needed attention & done a couple of little household chores as they presented themselves & I will remember to take the bins out tonight!!


Merced River


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