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Unless you're a shareholder in a mining company...

Solar Power - The Coal Killer

Which puts Australia in an interesting position - as a nation that has relied heavily on what we rip out of the ground & export to the rest of the world, it means a big transition to whatever our next economic driver will be. But we also get a shipload of sunlight... all the time!!! At the very least, we should, with the rapidly improving technology, be able to power our own lights. And if we really are the 'Clever Country' we like to call ourselves, we should be at the forefront of that technology

After all, thanks to political short-sightedness over the last 20 years or so, one of Australia's most successful exports has been our scientists, who head overseas because of continual funding cuts to research institutions that don't serve the fossil fuel agenda, by governments in thrall to the money & influence of the big mining companies - who seem to think there's an inexhaustible amount of stuff we can dig up, while the sun just sits there... tanning the workers

Myself, I'll happily get a solar-powered/electrical car, just as soon as it sounds exactly like my beloved OBluV8 at full roar down the Hume Highway...


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