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... of my 5th decade

I'm not feeling old, not feeling nostalgic, not pining for younger days, nor wishing that I knew then what I know now... & all that sort of pointless what-iffery

But it has been an eventful decade in many ways... I had to consult my Journal from 2007 to see where I was at the time. Having got my bearings, here goes

Back then, I was managing a large outdoor furniture/BBQ/indoor heating warehouse on Sydney's Northern Beaches. It was a barn with a tin roof - stinking hot in Summer, freezing cold in Winter & most days, if my Journal is to be believed, I was there on my own. I had met & was in the ups & downs stage of my relationship with my Long-Suffering Partner, was trying to put a band together, doing live & studio session work for other musicians projects & seemed to have a fairly active social life, while somehow finding time to update my Journal a lot more often than I do now

Today, I'm a senior sales consultant for a flooring company in its early-expansion stages, married happily to my Long-Suffering Partner, dreaming distantly of playing music again - having walked away from bands & session work a couple of years ago, still have a reasonably active social life, but don't update my Journal as often... whether from a sense of ennui, or consideration of others, who really don't give an airborne act of intercourse about the minutiae of my life

In the decade between these two points, I've had more jobs than I've wanted, for less time than I wanted them - making my CV somewhat embarrassing to read, largely replaced music with photography - because I don't need other people to finish a photo, travelled overseas for the first, second & third times, lost some friendships, gained some great replacement friendships, dealt with the death of a parent, the deaths of some animals & driven thousands of miles around & across this not-so-little island I live on - sometimes for work, more often for play

Some things have remained the same - my residential address, my fondness for scotch whiskey & red wines, my intolerance of wilful stupidity...

Am I settled, then & satisfied? Well, yes & no. Am I where I thought I'd be by this time of life? Well, I never thought I'd get to this time of life!! That said, I don't have the mortgage, 2.375 children & a boring job in an office, so on the whole, I'm not doing too badly. There could always be more money, of course, but we don't go hungry & we mostly get to do the things we want to - it just takes a while to save enough to do them sometimes - so I'm definitely luckier than most, globally speaking. I'm not making a comfortable living by playing music, but that was always more of a pipe dream than an ambition. Working in sales for so long has given me a self-confidence that was sorely lacking in my first few decades & maybe I'm starting to reap the rewards from that...

I don't know... check in with me in another ten years...
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