Apr. 25th, 2017


Apr. 25th, 2017 11:09 am
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Interesting how the whole LJ vs DW débâcle has thrown up so many opinions, viewpoints, rifts, chasms, schisms & behaviour that's not what you'd expect from people who value a sense of 'community'

Speaking, of course, from only my perspective, I would have thought that a foreign government with hostile policies regarding a, by now, significant portion of the human race, was a far more appropriate thing to get upset about, than some of the 'rats leaving a sinking ship'-style commentary I've seen around regarding those who have begun the process of departing LJ because of unease, or just plain distaste, over its new set of rules that come courtesy of a repressive régime

Anyway, one interesting point raised regards the comments one leaves in another's Journal & who 'owns' that comment. If you import your Journal to DW with all entries & comments, what about those comments from people who don't want to be on DW, or associated with it? Have you disrepected their privacy, or their views, by having their presence here by proxy?

Or are their comments, just like your Journal really... part of an open forum that anyone, from anywhere, could access, read & then go to the commenter's Journal via the link info, if they sound like someone interesting? Isn't that how a community grows?

I will shortly be going through my DW Journal & deleting all the comments left by someone very much of the former opinion. A shame... but their right to a viewpoint & their right to privacy should be respected

Do feel free to comment yourselves... via LJ or DW & let me know your feelings


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