Apr. 19th, 2017

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We've been foster-caring for 2 kittens this last week. A colleague of our neighbour volunteers with a Vet surgery & she tries to find homes for all the strays of all sizes brought in, or found. As always, people forget that animals are for life, not for Christmas

Mr Ed
Mr Ed

How quickly I'd forgotten too... about the perpetual motion, the hyper-vigilance, the kitty litter everywhere, the stuff that should be in the kitty litter everywhere, the early mornings, the inability to do much else when they fall asleep on you

We also learned that we're probably not ready for new cats yet... Layla & EmmyLou's loss is still too close. I returned Mr Ed & his sister April (no photo - she never stayed still enough!) to their 'Mother' this morning & got a glimpse of what our future could be, if we follow through on the dream of retiring to the country & keeping animals - a house full of cats has a particular aroma...


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