Apr. 14th, 2017

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I wasn't going to do this... I was just going to stay on LiveJournal & see what happens

What happened is a lot of news about changes to the rules, changes to operating under Russian law & then examples of what Russian law means to people - especially people in Chechnya. And I don't believe I can support that - even in a small, petty way such as continuing to use a service that will now be contributing monetarily to State-sanctioned pogroms, violence & 'cleansing'

We think we've come so far... We haven't

So, here I am on Dreamwidth. Same username, new icons... same views, same photos... So, if you're looking for me, I've gone this way:-

This Way

Of course, I realise the inherent contradiction that cross-posting to LJ means I'm still using their service... but unlike some people who use the jump to Dreamwidth as an excuse to cull their Friends List, I have a lot of friends on LJ & still want to see what they're up to!!

And I'm not concerned about the Russian Secret Service kicking down my door. I mean, they may be out to get me, but I'm not paranoid!! So rantings about global politics, the stupidity & hypocrisy of World Leaders... & anything that just gets my goat, will continue to be posted here

And as for the kind of uselessness of this... well, what else can I do - I don't drink vodka, so I can't boycott that... I'm married, so don't really require the purchased services of 'Hot Russian Girls' & I really like the films of Timur Bekmambetov


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