Apr. 2nd, 2017

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Out & about for the new job yesterday - doing a site inspection & measure in the beachside suburb of Coogee. First one I've done for about 9 months & was worried that I'd miss something, being out of practice... but it's uncanny how it all comes back to you & before too long I was pointing lasers, scribbling measurements & going through options with the client involving more or less destruction of her property depending on what she wanted the end result to be

Coogee by the beach on a sunny Saturday afternoon is not the easiest place to find a parking spot - especially anywhere near the building I had to visit. Especially not when I was in OBluV8, my beloved V8 Ford, which is not a small car. On my 2nd lap of the block, I found a spot only a reasonable distance away, so away I went. Returning to OBluV8 afterwards, I SMSed some details back to the office, then started the car... Cough... splutter... vroom... cough... silence

Okay then. turn off ignition, wait 5 seconds, turn the key... click... click... click... nothing

OBluV8 was doing his best Big Hero 6 impersonation - "Looow Baattterrryyy" How did I feel? Like this, really:-

Alone, trapped within walking distance of one of Sydney's popular beaches on a sunny day. Oh dear, poor, poor, pitiful me... Fortunately, we have Roadside Assist through our insurance & they arrived about half an hour later & agreed that the battery was not only low, but pretty much empty. To supply & fit a new one? $200

I need to sell more stuff, so the commission starts flowing in... Anyone need a new floor??!!


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