Mar. 19th, 2017

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... as usual

Goodbye Chuck Berry

Thanks for all the chords, licks & lead breaks I learned from your records...

On a related note, we finally watched the recent Grammy Awards show last night & I was shocked, saddened & dismayed to find out that 2016 was even worse than I thought. We lost a few more I didn't know about...

Lonnie Mack... Wild rock, blues, R&B guitarist from Texas. Big influence on Stevie Ray Vaughan

Buckwheat Zydeco... Cajun/Zydeco accordionist. Made it okay to listen to accordion players again (some of us never stopped!)

Scotty Moore... Guitarist for Elvis Presley in the pre-army 50s... you know - the good stuff

Mose Allison... Jazz pianist. Composer of 'Young Man Blues' which The Who radically reinvented in the early 70s

Toots Thielemans... Harmonica player... another under-rated instrument & player

Bernie Worrell... Keyboard player for Parliament/Funkadelic & provider of waaay out there synthesizer sounds for Talking Heads in the early 80s I'm upset all over again!


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