Mar. 14th, 2017

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As promised... here's one of our Butcher Birds singin' in the rain

Singin' In The Rain

We've had a couple of dry days - especially over everyone else's weekend the other day(s), but the state is in for another week of soak, wash, rinse, repeat. And I'm still quite okay with that, even if the back yard lawn could be hiding a lost pigmy tribe somewhere in there. I suppose I'll find them when I eventually get out there with the mower

I accepted the new job offer in an old industry. Long-Suffering Partner & I crunched the numbers the other night &, even with a slight dip in expected salary, the move closer to home will save somewhere around $5000 annually in motorway tolls & petrol. A no-brainer? Just my kind of decision...

Now to write my resignation e-mail. The Boss is currently overseas, so I'm not sure what time of day he'll read it. Hopefully after a few vodkas...


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