Feb. 21st, 2017

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Sometimes life just lines you up with things & does its best to knock you over

Actually, today wasn't that dramatic... just filled with too much stuff. First - to the optometrist, where I had my eyes tested thoroughly & now need to go upgrade my glasses. It's a slippery slope once you start wearing the darn things & subtly rely on them more & more

Then to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned & a second opinion on my wisdom teeth. Last year's dentist told me I should have the 2 bottom wisdom teeth taken out as soon as possible & was slightly miffed that I hadn't felt any discomfort from them & was therefore reluctant to book myself in for a couple of thousand dollars worth of surgery immediately... This year's model affirmed that the 2 teeth would be a problem - just not quite yet. Basically, when I start to feel any pressure or pain (it's a fine line between them), then it'll be time to book surgery. I have a friend who knows some people who know some people who can help with all that at the time without completely bankrupting us. But for now - wisdom remains within

I had forgotten about the squealing, screeching noise the hygienist's tools make against your teeth...

Afterwards, off to an informal chat with the owner of a flooring company, who had contacted me last week. I'd been recommended by a former employer - one who'd made me redundant, so I was a bit curious about it all. Did he recommend me because he thought I was good? In which case, why make me redundant in the first place?? Or was he recommending me because he doesn't think much of this other company??? How little does he think of me, or how much does he dislike me????

Am I overthinking this...

Anyway, I met with the owner & his off-sider & their offer is attractive. The location is closer to home than my current job - which was only ever meant to be a means to an end anyway. But with 2 people at my workplace taking holidays in March, I'm reluctant to leave them in the lurch by abandoning ship. I wonder/hope my prospective new employer might understand & maybe even appreciate both my predicament & professionalism. We shall see

A quiet evening at home then, nursing tender teeth, a slight headache & too much to think...


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