Feb. 15th, 2017


Feb. 15th, 2017 08:12 am
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So... On the Australian TV show Q & A (a sort of current affairs debate open to the public) this week, a right-wing Senator was challenged by a Muslim woman over her (mis)understanding of 'sharia law' - something that has been a lightning rod for fear-mongering xenophobes, bigots & racists all over the world

Now, having read this article (surprisingly, on the news.com.au website - normally the home of white-bread news), I discovered that even I didn't really know what Sharia is... Of course, I'd like to do more reading on the subject than just a news item, but everyone has to start somewhere & this article isn't a bad place...

I'm not advocating for Islam, nor am I thinking of converting. I don't actually subscribe to any religion this world (or any other, so far) has to offer. But just remember - some of the worst, bloodthirsty, corrupt, belligerent, violent people of the last 2000 years have claimed to be Christians... Evil is ultimately separate from Religion, though the two get into bed with each other quite comfortably... & often. When they do - it's the world that gets fucked
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Down the California coast...

For Big Sur!! )


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