Feb. 7th, 2017

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Hello Reader... it's my Saturday. How's your Tuesday going?

For my USAmerican friends, no Australia doesn't hate you for the way your President carried on about our Prime Minister. It's actually made our guy look a little better in the eyes of his nation - something he's been having some trouble with for a while now. He's probably wondering what to argue about next time he calls...

We are still a little shocked & incredulous that the Donald was allowed to get this far, but understand that's more to do with your, frankly incomprehensible, political system than your individual voting choice. And if the last guy to take a pop at a President only did it to impress Jodie Foster, surely you can find someone to do the job for a date with Beyoncé... or a Kardashian

Then there would only be that pesky Pence to worry about - & I'm sure he can be controlled more easily

Down here in Sydney, it's been hot. And humid. And hot. And everyone's gone back to work & school now, which means there's a lot of traffic around on our thoroughfares - which are mostly in a state of upheaval & disrepair due to some major construction works going on everywhere... at the same time. Which means a lot of sitting in overheating cars. Which means you can't use your air-conditioning for fear of melting your engine & making a bad traffic situation worse. Did I mention it's been hot?

Local Warming & First World problems aside (Hey... we're still allowed to have problems!!), it's pretty quiet 'round here. Other than a fairly rowdy, but entertaining, Chinese New Year's Day family dinner which finished at some ungodly hour (making going to work the next day such a joy...), the routine of eat, work, eat, watch a few episodes of 'Justified', sleep, repeat... goes on

Oh... & I did get to see one of only a few shows around the world that the David Bowie Celebration Band did... here at the Sydney Opera House last week. Past members of Bowie's studio & touring bands came together with some local heroes to blast through 3 hours worth of his best work. As a guitarist, it was a little piece of hog heaven when you had Earl Slick, Adrian Belew, Jerry Leonard & local boy Chris Cheney making the Concert Hall roof rattle a little

Guitar Frenzy


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