Jan. 17th, 2017

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Good Morning Reader...

The spirit is willing to update more often than once a week, but the flesh (& the clock... & the calendar) seem to have different ideas

During my working week of Thursday to Monday, I'm out of the house from 7.30am to around 6.30pm. As previously mentioned, this doesn't even leave a lot of quality time for Long-Suffering Partner & I, let alone time to keep you, dear Reader, up to date. And if we have friends/family to catch up with on Friday, Saturday or Sunday evenings, as is often the case - given the rest of the world's 'normal' schedule, then that makes for a looong day indeed

Work has been okay... albeit not as busy as my colleagues say it should be during January Sale month. I've proven to them that I mostly know what I'm talking about when extolling the virtues of hardwood timber furniture & modular lounge suites. I've proven I can sell the things & now would like the opportunity to show that I can sell a lot of these things when prices & store traffic allows. Which, so far this month, they haven't. Worrying - especially for someone who's been little more than an itinerant worker these last few years & wants to stop looking over my shoulder for some management figure brandishing a severance cheque

Here at WaitingManor, we are halfway through our 6 month pet quarantine period - suggested by our Vet after the deaths of our 2 kittens last year. Apparently nasty things like FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) can linger for a while, in all the places young cats like to go... where vacuum cleaners & cleaning cloths struggle to reach. So, another 3 months to starve the horrible little microbes out, then we'll try again. Maybe. If our hearts & minds are up to it

Not an inspiring year with the camera so far... but it's only week 3. Here's another from last week's family excursion to the Hunter Valley Gardens...

Night Lights II
Thanks to Julia, who suggested the shot... & needs to update her own Flickr page...

And one from the seaside town of The Entrance, where the local pelicans are fed daily at 3.30pm. It's become the town's main claim to fame & tourist dollars, but the birds seem quite happy about it too...

Air Pelican II

For the reader of the Tour Diary, the next instalment sees us leaving Las Vegas. I know one reader will be glad to see the back of the place...
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Leaving Las Vegas...

The Valley Of Death )
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We have snakes... spiders... sharks... jellyfish

And watch out for these guys!!!


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